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elf hill

Honour Your Inner Magpie

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My beloved Mike is gone.
elf hill

More than that is hard to say just now. I think it will be a bit before I am coherent.

There is a post on Making Light.

Please pass the word to the people who loved him, liked his work, and so on. There will certainly be some sort of memorial service, but it won't be for at least a couple of weeks. Late October is the best I can give right now. More when I have it.

Hug your dear ones.

I am so very, very sorry. I'm sorry all I have to say and give you are these words.

Here's hoping your burden is all the lighter for being shared.

I'm so sorry to hear this. Thinking of you.

I only knew him from his posts at Making Light, but he sparkled there. He must have been wonderful to know. I'm truly sorry for your loss.


Offering hesitant hugs --

We don't know each other (I think -- I have a condition that plays with my memory) but I remember fondly the last time I saw Mike, over a decade ago. He was a humorous and wondrous talent, a good friend to his friends, the most expansive and formidable intelligence -- and someone who took part of your heart with him.

I have felt that way about loss, and I hope will ease somewhat for you. It sounds like he left you part of his heart, and in that you will find your balance.

Sending you strength and grace --

I'm so very sorry to hear about your loss. There are no other words right now.


I barely knew him, but I knew him enough to know I wanted to be him when I grew up.

Thinking of you.

i'm so sorry, elise.

may peace come to you.

I'd just like to add to the "I'm sorry" chorus here. I was first introduced to Mike through How Much for Just the Planet, but lost track until I found him again on Teresa's blog.

"Harry of Five Points" is one of my favorite works of sheer genius ever.

We'll miss him.

I am so sorry. I wish I had known him. I feel like I did know him, a very little, from seeing you post about him. *hugs* are on offer if you want them, or distracting fanfic written to order, or a long-distance shoulder.

I will be thinking of you.

Please allow me to add my belated condolences on the loss of your friend and lover.

Dear Elise,

We've talked and cried already. (Hugs) and my love to you and to Juan.

Here's something Mike would appreciate:

Richard III, Act 1, scene 3:


If he were dead, what would betide of me?


No other harm but loss of such a lord.


The loss of such a lord includes all harm.


Damn, I miss Mike. More than words can say.

All my love,


Much love to you, dear Lioness. I am so very sorry.