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elf hill

Honour Your Inner Magpie

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My beloved Mike is gone.
elf hill

More than that is hard to say just now. I think it will be a bit before I am coherent.

There is a post on Making Light.

Please pass the word to the people who loved him, liked his work, and so on. There will certainly be some sort of memorial service, but it won't be for at least a couple of weeks. Late October is the best I can give right now. More when I have it.

Hug your dear ones.

I knew Mike when he was a guest on The Literary Forum, back maybe when The Scholars of Night came out. He was a lovely man. I was very sorry to hear that he has died.

Janet McConnaughey

I knew of Mike from his comments on Making Light, which were uniformly wonderful and witty. My condolences on your loss.

Elise, I am so very sorry.

Elise, as chair of MarsCon 2004 and on behalf of everyone who had the pleasure of working with Mike for MarsCon 2004, where he was the Author Guest of Honor, I'd like to offer the deepest sympathies and condolences of everyone on the ConCom.

Dr. Mike was a true class act and a gentleman, and he was the perfect choice for Author GOH that year. His charm, wit and intelligence (to say nothing of his poetry and prose) were an asset to the convention and have always been an asset to Minnesota fandom. He will be deeply missed.

I hope it brings some comfort to you in this time of grief to know that he and his works are remembered very fondly by very, very many people.

What everyone else said, with a heaping bushel of hugs and sympathy.

I will miss him.

Elise, I don't know what to say. You know you can call ans talk anytime if you have need. Please do remember to take care of yourself.

I knew him a little. I liked him so much. I'm grieved he is gone.

Elise,I'm so very sorry. May he rest in the light, and may you know peace and concolation, in time.

Esther Friesner

More Third-Party condolences

We have met perhaps once. We have many dear friends in common. Your loss, although I cannot personally begin to comprehend its magnitude for you, leaves a void in our shared community whose vibrations have knocked me out of my chair from a couple of thousand miles away.

When Yehuda Yudkowsky died, I gained a tremendous admiration for the Jewish community's highly formalized way of handling death. Far from being trite or redundant, their ritualized statement of condolence puts words in our mouths when words cannot express our grief.

May God console you among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Elise, I'm so sorry for you. I'm sorry for me and the rest of us, too. Mike was a wonderful person in all his forms and I'm going to really miss him.

The last time I saw him he was standing at your shoulder. You were behind your table at WisCon and the looks of pure love and affection between the two of you and the way you touched his hand when he laid it on your shoulder spoke volumes. I am so sorry he is gone, but I know he'll always be standing beside you.

I barely knew him -- I saw him at two Minicons and Noreascon, but he was charming and funny and brilliant.

And at the Farthing Party I was talking to TNH about _The Last Hot Time_...

I am so sorry.


You were blessed by knowing each other in this life. May you be blessed by knowing each other longer in some future lives.

I think I shall write something tonight, not necessarily about Mike, but I will indeed be thinking of him while I do.

Oh, dear G-d.

Oh, dear G-d.