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elf hill

Honour Your Inner Magpie

Ooh, shiny!!

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ArtLog: where are all the shinies?
elf hill
(edited Monday, January 2, 2017)

I HAVE MOVED THINGS TO ETSY. You should find almost everything over at https://www.etsy.com/shop/LionessElise. Thank you, and big love to you all! See you over there -- and I hope to keep seeing you around Dreamwidth as well, because I plan to be posting more cool stuff about beads and rocks and jewelry techniques.

If you're browsing for pretty shiny writing inspiration and/or looking for already sold pieces, many of them can be viewed at ArtLog: Things I Have Made.

If you want to find my journal, I'm at https://elisem.dreamwidth.org/.

If you're looking for me on Twitter, I'm LionessElise.

If you want Beads of the Month or would like to support various benevolent conspiracies of art, save up for shinies on the installment plan, or just like encouraging the artisan, I have a Patreon these days: https://www.patreon.com/elisem It's all very exciting.

I think the duck needs to go to RA, to wear the next time rmjwell takes the Ducky Kilt out for a spin...if I had the money to spare I'd gift it to her.

Still like "Scratch and Dent Princess" and am intrigued by "Chalice of Sorrow, Chalice of Stars" because of its lovely use of color.

Glad to see "Ladybug Theology" and "The Secret Life of an Ordinary Flower" founds homes because they are lovely and were tempting me.

Also tempted by "The Clear Song of the Heart" and "The Elegant Ghosts of Art Deco" and "Hibernation" all of which prove I'm fairly predictable in colors I like. Assuming "Deco" is more coral than pink.

My Mom may need "Sing Spring" as those would perfectly match some boots I gave her once. Plus they're her colors, more or less.

You may yet be getting an email from me regarding this sale . . .

What is the inner circumference for the necklace-crowns?

Currently I have a sixteen inch neck, and I use myself as a form for building, so most of them have an inner circumference of eighteen or nineteen inches. However, almost all of them can be smallened with a few deft strokes of the pliers and some well-placed bends, so I've had thirteen-inch-neck people get them and have it work just fine, and even smaller sometimes. (The trick is knowing what a central neck measurement means about where the necklace should sit on the curve where the neck meets shoulders.)

tl;dr They're sized for large to XL but most can be made M or S. Please feel free to email me and ask!

Are any of the earrings with the snakey charms still available? I don't see any in this roundup, but I figure it can't hurt to ask. *makes hopeful face*

There are no current snakey charm earrings, but there may be some in future. Keep watching? I'll try to remember to say something, too, before I put them up, but it gets a little hectic sometimes and I slide into the glittering whirl of ADD OOH SHINY. (Good thing I've got the hyperfocus component as well, or I'd not be half as productive, I guess.)

tl;dr: not right now, but there probably will, and I'll try to remember to say something when there are.

bird with a word in her head is lovely, light, floaty

am full of teh covet

Because I don't think I've said it already, Just Before is like spring and like snowdrops and like returning light, and if I earrings'd I'd be all over them in a heartbeat. As it is I am just delighted, as I face down winter, that I can drink in the promise of sunlight by staring at the photos.

Oh! A sale!

I don't suppose that anything like "Offer Me" from the last sale might be making an appearance?

As we discussed, there is something about the boulder opals that moves me deeply, and it's too blastedly hard to choose which one I'd want.

And The Road is elegant in its simplicity.

Could Rodeo Monster have a different name? Because I love the way it looks, but I can't connect to the name at all. But I might still want it...though it's still almost six months before I'm allowed to wear wires.

I have holes in my head that are entirely your fault!

People have renamed things, sure. Or if you want me to find a different name for it, I can probably do that.

Glad you like it! (And may the holes in your head heal well and bring you great joy.)

Oh hey! I know that old ballad! I have it from Custer LaRue under the title "Lord Bateman;" where do you know it from?

*wanders off humming*

Probably I first heard it from some coworker at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, forever ago.

(edited to add) Sticks in a person's head, that song, doesn't it?

Edited at 2014-12-03 01:59 pm (UTC)

"Her Kind of Country" - those are my kind of earrings :)

Please to be expecting an email from me... Different Tiger, Same Lady has to go to my ex. I'll explain why in the email.

And there may be more things... not sure... the unemployed thing may be trumping shiny purchases for myself.

OMG. So many things are having me go ooooo.... (and I'm using your amazing shinies for delaying working on the house! but I figure it will have been worth having to seriously focus on said house when I'm done!)

Interstellar Forestry Studies is beautiful, fascinating, and gorgeous. Thankfully, not something I'd wear... but oh it's exquisite!

And The Planet Promise is nifty!

Two Stories About the Same Forest have some serious stories in them!

The Witch Disappears is utterly remarkable.

Thank goodness Considering is already sold; you should have heard the tone in my voice when I said "Oh.... that's cooool."

(Oh heck.... just found something else that made me go Ohhhh... and hit me in the gut... you're getting more email)

Translated from the Original just got an "oof".

Cloud Magic just got another "oof".

Far Forests gave me pause and thoughtfulness and contemplating what's in there.

What is it with me and the lampwork this time 'round? The Life Emphatic really IS!

Love the stones in Old-Fashioned Treasure Map

More stories in The Way Dragons Tell It...

Doing Science in Dreams got a Tee Hee. Go figure!

In the "If I had unlimited budget" department: The Real Mountain, which still moves me on such a deep level. Another member of said department is True for You simply because it's gorgeous.

And another thoughtful "Hmmmm" for When History Found Us, which looks like so many mysteries swirling around...

Here endeth the Cubby gushing over the shinies....

Edited at 2014-12-12 06:20 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
Oh! What an excellent thing to find this morning. Thank you, Jo.

(For the benefit of people who may read this after that necklace is sold, I'll leave a link to photos of "Translated from the Original".)

I think I just left this comment anonymously, but it is an interesting coincidence that February 22 is the day I'm officially made rector of my church. So a commemorative/good omen shiny thing might be a good idea … if I can make up my mind between them ...