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ArtLog: work in progress
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So I guess I'll tell you what I'm working on, now that I'm more than halfway done with it. It's a series of pieces based on a short story by truepenny called "Katabasis: Seraphic Trains."

Because she is a wicked thing (and an excellent writer), she used little section headings in the story that are lines of a song called "Why Do You Linger?" which is based on the necklace of the same name. As she said, "Like the sections themselves, they are not in linear order, but you can put them together to find the outline of the song, which is itself one of those tiny nested stories." So far it looks like this series will have twenty-four piece in it, of which twenty-three are pendants with resin-filled bottles and wire and strange things in them, and the final one will be a necklace. I think. Probably.

We shall see.

Here's a bit from the story:

There was no self-consciousness left when she started playing "Why Do You Linger?", a song she had half-despaired of ever finishing. But tonight she understood it; tonight it was as clear and brutal and precise as a glass dissecting-knife. Tonight she understood what the song was trying to day, that the truth was still beautiful, even if it came out of something painful and ugly and heart-breaking.

You can find the story in the collection WHY DO YOU LINGER?, available at fine booksellers all sorts of places. I strongly recommend it. And I should have some pieces to show you soon. Right now I'm in work mode, though I do have some photos already taken that I may add to this post later tonight.

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