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Womyn's Music: memory and dreams festival
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(This grows out of the previous post. Let's build an imaginary women's music festival. Invent whatever stages you need, put performers on them and build them a set list; feel free to create any collaborations your heart or curiosity desires. If the term "womyn's music" is unfamiliar to you, it's referring to a particular genre/time of music in North America, so yeah, there's probably a theme to what we're doing here. Probably several, actually, but we can look at those later. For now, let's just make stuff up and build a festival. And sure, you can add in time-travel, or include more recent performers who don't use the label but who in your opinion fit well there. So, on we go.)

You arrive at the WMMF (we need a better name; somebody please build one?) on a morning of light showers; as you come through the gate, the rain stops. By the time you've gotten to where you can see the music stages, the sun's out. It looks like it will be nice day.

Over at an electric-music stage, you see and hear Tret Fure. She's playing "Terminal Hold." From one of the other stages you hear Ferron playing "Testimony."

As you go toward the music, you pass someone who looks familiar. You're ten steps past when you realize it's Alix Dobkin.

(OK, that's my start. Go for it. Feel free to make branching narratives, too.)

P.S. Feel free to change history, rewrite songs, invent what you wish had been there, what you wish would be there now. Make stuff up. Make it like it could have been, or like it wasn't, or like it was, or even like you feared it would be. (I love misia's tent full of [.....], for instance.) If you weren't let in, or wouldn't be, go ahead and write yourself in. Take your friends. Heck, Warren Zevon is playing a piano duet with Cris Williamson on one of the stages. We'll see where this takes us. Also, it's not specific to Michigan or to any particular festival; this one's imaginary. And we need a name. Suggestions may be emailed to me (elise at lioness dot net) or left here. Thanks!

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