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and in thy deep and dreamless sleep the silent snails go by
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Or something like that. I've been very snaily this past week due to a small but tedious silly body thing that should be resolved soon. Sorry about the radio silence. I owe everybody and her cat email. Should be better soon.

ArtLog: progress!
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Invoices done!

Still gotta pack.

So tired.

slow lioness, but probably with music
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I'm going very slow today, but then yesterday was a pretty grueling day, so it makes sense to go slow. My ambitions for the rest of the day:

Lay out clothing for tomorrow.

Done so far:
Do dishes.
Read some stuff about talking about racism and anti-racism.
Sort some charms back into boxes.
Wonder where the heck the two purple book-boxes of charms are, and search for them fruitlessly.
Have late lunch.
Upload photos to computer of Neil and his slumgullion project.
Put away clean dishes.
Write post about slumgullion project and other pleasant things.
Go to choir rehearsal tonight (first time!) and sing.
Send two BPAL reviews to Neil.
Drink more water. (Dilute! Dilute!)

There, that's my ambition. There might be some looking at beads in there too, and general housekeeping. So slow I am, though. But there it is. Snailsville is where I live at the moment.

progress in snailsville
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I am snailing through my day, and I wish I were making great progress on the remaining invoices and the remaining mailing (twenty boxes out so far, though, so woo for that and big thanks to scotia_girl and to the dear person who came and helped me put some stuff in bags at the end of the sale), but I'm making slow progress, and that's just how it is. I think I'm in shock from being in the Land of Question Marks medically, and it might be this way until we clear some of the question marks out. Yesterday's appointment at the sleep center resulted in what I expected: "We could do this other thing, but I'd like to wait until the doctors at Mayo say what they think is really going on with everything."

Among my other tasks is rewriting my summary to take to Mayo. One thing we learned for sure last week is that there's way too much information in my medical file for their docs to read it all. It's a ream and a half, and that's just since 1996. Also my previous summary was not really a summary at all; it was a list of notes for myself so I wouldn't forget anything when we talked, and as such, was not arranged so as to foreground the most pressing issues. (Possible new topic sentence: "I'm used to managing several different medical conditions, but the recent troubles with fast heart rate, high blood pressure, and shortness of breath are making it impossible to do that adequately, especially when my PT can't work with me when my resting heart rate is too high." I'm still working on it. What I want to tell them is, "Hey, the laundry list of stuff that's wrong? I don't expect or even hope for a magic wand fix for those. But I need to be able to walk around and do work and breathe well if I'm going to carry on, and lately, I can't do those things. Halp?")

That task turns out to take much more emotional energy than I expected. I also have two other letters to write, and, well, snailsville. I love you guys, and I will keep working at this stuff, but please know I am slower than I wish I were.

Much love,

progress in the land of snails
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I stood up long enough to excavate a chair, sort everything that had landed upon it during the last however many weeks/months, and put them away. In the process, a lot of stuff got recycled and a few things got thrown away, and the stack of magazines labeled "take to some waiting room" gained a few. And now I have to lie down again for a while.

Started composing my Beads of the Month emails, and talked strategy with Charlotte. We think we can do this. The packages will be better than they otherwise might, actually, because I have purchased the main beads for all of them but not the ones that are of lesser importance. (In other words, more big deal beads, less little fill-in-the-corners goodies. We shall see how it works out.) I'll take a whack at pulling some tonight, and then C and I will have a good run at it tomorrow.

Wish I could find the checks I set aside to deposit, though. Having ADD on top of all the rest of this is just ridiculous sometimes.

Am sad about hiatus from Beads of the Month, but do hope to be able to do it again someday. If the Mayo people help make sense of me, maybe I could even do Year Nine. That would be cool. And in the meantime, as Juan said this morning, it will be a lot of pressure off me and it might make it easier for me to just sit and make art, too. I dearly hope so.

I love you guys. Thank you for being here with me.

progress report
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Still growing back. Bronchitis is on the run, and might (o please!) be finally really gone. Asthma still quite problematic; am taking it easy.

Good heart rate yesterday, though; the first good one in months, actually. So that's something.

I owe everybody and her second-cousin's monkey a package. They'll come, and I am very sorry for the delay. But I wanted you guys to know I am still here, and I am growing back, and I will respond to the leventyseven things that want responding to -- and do ping me again by email if you want to make sure; that's a fine thing to do.

Am also trying not to be daunted by there being so much to catch up on, but there it is.

Anyhow, hello from snailsville.

ArtLog: in progress
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There will be more shinies from Cat's island on Wednesday in the New Shinies post, if all goes well.

And tonight I am likely to dream of turquoise and chrysoprase, because that's what was on the workbench this evening. Alas that I was too tired and dizzy to make it to the convention; I hope you guys who were there had fun. I wave at you from snailsville, in the land of the beads.

Ohhhhh. Snail! Most excellent snail!
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Some of you have heard me say now and then that I am "snaily." I find words to acknowledge my slowness due to various physical stuff, and have developed quite an affection for images of snails. I have some lovely tiny snail sculptures from an excellent artist, and now and then I go click on her LJ to be refreshed by the cool things she's up to.

Tonight I did that, and oh, there is such a fine snail thing there. See?

I am on a short leash budget-wise, because I have airline tickets to pay off, but if the money tree had bigger leaves on it, I would be all over that snail sculpture-painting. So cool! So's her other stuff. My tiny snails lift my spirits whenever I look at them.

OK, now to bath/snack/meds/bed, and more work on the morrow, I hope. Life is good when there's work.

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