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filk alert, possibility of teaching in Georgia, and searching for a few good phrases
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Yup, I'll be at GAfilk on January 7-9. Will you?

And if you're in the Atlanta area and want to learn a few jewelry-making techniques, we might be able to set up a class or two, depending on what my backup singer duties turn out to be. (The Deaftones will be there, singing backup now and then for this year's Super Secret Guest.) I'm also up for consultation and feedback on your work, by arrangement; references available.

Speaking of filksinging*, I need a few more phrases for a song. Specifically they need to be phrases of endearment that are reasonably common, three syllables long, and ideally they would be of similar cadence to "honey lamb." They must have certain other strange properties that I can't reveal until the song is done, so the more suggestions the better. Thanks!

Updated to add: I have three good ones now, and am seeking one or two more. The additional ones can't use the words "honey" or "baby" or "sugar."

*Also, I desperately owe some people I met in New Zealand some lyrics! Eep!

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