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of dragonflies and silk
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New spindle. Have had it for a little while now, but haven't sat down to use it. Today, after very stressful (and mighty!) bout of straightening out medical billing and insurance-fu (after the wonderful help of my sister-in-law, who used to work for an insurance company and used to have a consulting business sorting out medical billing for people overwhelmed by it), I needed something simultaneously soothing and engrossing, so I pulled out the spindle.

My thoughts went like this:

"Oh, man, am I out of practice. This is a thick-and-thin slubfest."

"Hm. This spindle wobbles when I spin it, but I'm pretty sure it's me and not the spindle. I'm so used to my old heavy supposedly-unsuitable one, but I knew it well. Hm. Well, guess I can learn this one if I learned that one."

"Huh. Yeah, this might work. And I think I'm getting the hang of spinning it, even if it does still feel upside-down to me." (Different style of spindle entirely, you see; my old one has a bottom whorl and this is an itty bitty top-whorl spindle.)

"Ohhh yeah."

"Slub, slub slub slub. I am so gonna have to ply this."

"Man, I missed this."

Here, see some handspun silk, and my nice new dragonfly spindle, made by talented local artisans from cool woods. (English briar and maple, according to the tag.)

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