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[sticky post]ArtLog: all the shinies currently available, old and new
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This is the grand list of everything currently available.

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ArtLog: new shinies (the post-Marscon edition)
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ArtLog: work in progress and many arts radiating out from the center
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Well, wherever the center is, anyway.

(Actually, I know right where the local center is, and it's definitely a whirling star of energy.)

Anyhow, I'm in a "Forward in all directions!" state again, as the band 3 Mustaphas 3 would say. Got half of the next bell sleeved sweater post written up (with photos) and will have a surprise twist in the post following that, because I had some artistic realizations. Am working while the light is good -- working on shinies, I mean. It's usually what I mean these days when I say "work," unless I mean writing. And speaking of that, I want 36 hour days. Or maybe I need one of those voice recorder transcriber things so I can tell the story while I work on shinies... because as contrary as it seems, having made the decision to go ahead and finish the novel, I've suddenly got so much art energy for shinies that it's profoundly startling. Sure, things used to be like this sometimes, but not since my hip replacement surgery and its aftermath, for sure, and possibly not since before Mike died.

I take the surge of energy as an indication that I'm making the right choice in deciding to finish the novel, but I do have to work on pointing the fire hose in the right direction. I have shiny-making energy, and I definitely have writing energy, and well um not to spill too many beans -- which I typoed "beads" at first, of course -- there's a second piece of crocheting art in progress which is why the twist post will come in the bell sleeved sweater series.

So I'm going to practice pointing the fire hose in the right direction, but I'm also going to enjoy the surge of energy and let it carry me into making shinies, at least for the rest of the afternoon. Because after all, there's a Minicon coming, and I need something to put on my table, now that you lot have snatched up all the shinies. (I am SO VERY NOT COMPLAINING. Hee!)

Also, I need to write some new stuff so that I can hold my end up on Lady Poetesses from Hell again, which is another reason to look forward to Minicon.

Life is full of art, and the strong impetus to make art. Life is good.

And now I am going to go work on that pendant about the sinister mermaid. Well, she isn't necessarily sinister in intent; she might be just curious. But the gauge marked "oxygen cylinder pressure" worries me. I suspect this piece is going to want those faceted resin-encased color-treated cultured freshwater pearls in deep midnight blues and violets. And there are spoon earrings halfway done, and a series tentatively called "mermaid keys" and an Imperial jasper necklace, and I found a few of those awesome dark (possibly overdyed with indigo?) labradorite pieces everybody was going gaga over in the middle of the second row of this set of images, so we shall see. (All the things on that page are sold. I just put it together one day because I needed sort of a "greatest hits" thing to show somebody.) And I'm contemplating a bunch of interesting brass stampings, and looking for my green paua shell beads, and so forth.

OK, back to work.

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