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On the Rewards of CALLING 911 RIGHT AWAY
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Sixty-four and a half hours ago, I had a small stroke.

I told somebody something was wrong within thirty seconds of onset of weird visual effects in one eye. We had called paramedics within 2 minutes, as soon as I reported tingling and numbness on one side of my body (the same side as the eye with the weird light show). They arrived in minutes, and I was at Lutheran Hospital in about half an hour, got examined and CT-scanned, and approximately one hour after the stroke happened, I was given TPA (tissue plasminogen activator) to break up the clot and prevent any further damage from it or other clots in my system.

Right now, I am sitting on the couch chez Nielsen Hayden typing this. My CT scans and MRI show no damage now, and I am at full function according to their neurologists and various friends and my Juan, who flew out here today just in time to meet my doctor, Dr. Azhar.  (Yay, Dr. Azhar! Yay, everybody at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn! Good work, and THANK YOU!)

Sixty-four and a half hours ago, I had a small stroke. I have no lasting damage from it, because I told Teresa right away, and Teresa was smart and called 911 right away, and we got my ass into the ER, and I got TPA.

You guys are going to remember this and do likewise if you ever need to, right? 

If you want to do me a favor, post information about stroke symptoms and about NOT WAITING on your blog or LJ.  There's a very limited time within which TPA can be administered, and every minute counts.  I hope none of you ever go through this, but if you do, I wish you all as good an outcome as this one seems to be right now.

And now if you'll excuse me, I really need a bath. Catch you all later.


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