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trade: Shinies for Excel Skill
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I have a thing that wants building. It's a spreadsheet, and I suspect it's an Excel spreadsheet. After poking around and refamiliarizing myself with spreadsheet fun, I am sure it can be done and I am aware of a few new things I would really like it to do -- but I am also aware that I am way out of practice and painfully slow at recalling how to do this stuff.

However, the refamiliarization means that I can now describe exactly what I want it to do, and exactly how I want the finished product to be laid out, so that was probably time well spent. It also means that I know I need an Excel-savvy person for whom setting this thing up is a snap.

Ergo, this RFP, I guess it is:

Wanted: Experienced Excel person to build spreadsheet to my specs. Possibility of significant ongoing return if we turn it into an iPhone app. Initial remuneration to be either money or shinies, with considerably better recompense possible if you choose shinies. (Am open to other database applications if you can make a good case for why they're better for me and also why they'd be better for a lot of other people who might want to use this tool once it's built.) Confidentiality and ability to work with very-likely-frustrating ADD/fibromyalgia-enhanced artist/business owner is essential.

Please contact lionesselise at me (DOT) com. (If you deduce from this that I now have an iPhone, you are clever. I do! Can haz iPhone! Whee!)


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