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[sticky post]ArtLog: all the shinies currently available, old and new
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This is the grand list of everything. To see only the newest things, check for New Shinies posts in recent entries. (Please note: sometimes those newest shinies are too new to be listed here, if I just put them up.)

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ArtLog: a tease of names (just a few more things)
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Yeah, well, you know how I get.

"On the Uses of Things"

"Precisely How Enchantments Are Built"
"The Sanctuary Algorithm"
"The Three Monarchs of Glam"
"The Way She Rises"

ArtLog: a tease of names
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Because of course I got distracted during the sale and made some new stuff.

"Bird with a Word in her Head, II"
"The Captain Addresses Her Crew"
"The DNA Artist"
"unnatural histories"
"When the Lost Is Found"

Photos soon.

ArtLog: incipient new shinies
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The first third of the photographs are taken, and I'm charging the batteries to take the rest of them. There should be new shinies to see tonight.

paperwork festival, and also incipient new shinies
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After I finish today's extra-fun paperwork festival, I hope to tag and photograph the new shinies on the workbench. There's a necklace that's unlike most of the ones I make, in that it's for a smaller neck. (I can shorten almost any of the long necklaces, so I usually don't make things short to start with, as longening them is trickier, but this piece just wanted to come out this way. That said, I probably could longen it if need be. You'll see.) And there are earrings with the excellent new glass beads I just got. Glowy fiery shades, even!

OK, back to the paperwork festival.

So what kind of festival is your day?

ArtLog: a tease of names
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I've been working. Photos might not happen for a day or two, though. Here, have some names in the meantime:

"The Truth About the World"

"alternate worldview"
"Grand-mama's Astrolabe"
"The Hell With Your Metaphors"
"'I'll use small words,' said the dragon."
"Lorelei, You Have a Visitor"
"The Owl Who Saw Yesterday"
"Persephone Has a Plan"
"The Road That Went Two Ways"
"The Sybil's Best Friend"

"The Danger Flowers"
"The Dragon Who Wanted To Be a Boy Scout"
"Ladybug Theology"
"'Recapitulate this,' said the dragon."
"Translating the Waters"
"Two Scientists"
"The Way the Dragons Tell It"

ArtLog: a tease of names
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I haven't posted much, but I've been busy lately. Expect to see shinies sometime tonight tomorrow, because I got them all photographed yesterday and today. (Annoying technical thing is annoying, so this Lioness will put them up tomorrow when there is proper awakeness and less tech goofiness.)

Here's a tease of names:

"Chalice of Sorrows, Chalice of Stars"
"Good Old World"
"The Killer Pixie Manifesto"
"Lipstick Mermaids"
"Playing Dice With the Universe"
"Scratch-and-Dent Princess"

"Choosing Both"
"Festival Customs Among the Lizard People"
"Interstellar Conversations"
"One Helluva Final Exam"
"Pan's Computer"
"Trade Routes Old and New"
"World In A Box #1"
"World In A Box #2"
"World In A Box #3"

"The Archaeologist's Garden"
"Beginner's Luck, Beginner's Magic"
"Cocktail Hour at the Seelie Court"
"Deciphering As Art"
"Dragonfly Fierce"
"The Dwarves Take To the Air"
"First Summer, Early Morning"
"Forest of Stars"
"The Haunted World"
"The Other Explorers"
"Practical Fire Magic"
"Spellwork for Geologists"
"The Stone Circus"
"A Tale of Two Seas"
"West of the Whisper Shore"
"Where They Fall"
"The Witch Knows You Well"

... and one older one, "Stand Up On It, XIII".

ArtLog: work in progress and incipient shiny sale
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I just finished a necklace that I can't tell you anything about yet except that it is mottled green mostly, and started a new necklace that seems to be about scratch-and-dent princesses, or surviving a particular set of archetype pigeonholing. (Yep, pink. Lots of pink. And some blood-red, and charcoal-and-burnt-red, and other things. And pink. Did I mention the pink? Scary don't-f***-with-me pink, actually, in some places. We'll see how it turns out.)

And this weekend, two other jewelrymakers and I will be having an on-line Open House in this LJ. Watch for it on Saturday evening. There may even be a piece or two on markdown.

ArtLog: a tease of names
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I've photographed the new work and will be adding it to the post full of art about my recent travels. Here's the tease of names:

"Because We Do It That Way, That's Why!"
"Prince Eugen Visits His Friends"
"stone raindrop math"
"'Swedes conquered 'em,' said the selkie. 'You know how they get.'"
"Tea, with a Chance of Artifacts"
"The Other Side of Fairy Tales"
"There and Here"

They'll be added later this evening, and I'll write up little explanations about them as I did for the previous ones.

ArtLog: These four days
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For the next four days, I'll be making art and posting the new shinies with more trip memories (and other memories, if I branch out).

Yep, I'm thankful for the chance to make art -- and for all of you who encourage me. And who tell me nifty facts or share cool links or make art yourselves, whether that art is stories or crochet or dinner or a nice meandering conversation -- or the useful insight at the perfect moment for it to do some good.

Yep. Thankful!

So watch this LJ. Shinies incoming. Well, after breakfast anyhow.

elf hill
Attended Captain Awkward meetup. Did not flee in terror. Conversed with nice people. Was delighted to find someone else who knew the Vigeland sculpture park in Oslo!

About to upload NEW SHINIES, and tell some travel stories.


ArtLog: incipient new shinies!
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Yep, made a bunch of things. Photographed them, too. About to post them.


ArtLog: a tease of names
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(I just took the photos, so you will see these sometime tonight, because my daylight hours are reserved for a couple of projects.)

"How To Summon A Superhero"
"Traveling Via Scroll-Painting"
"What To Ask For"

"a meditations on sunlight"
"The Sea-Girl's Promise"
"Studying with the Old Ones"
"Summer of the Ghost Bears"

"Alligator Back-Up Harmonies"
"A Different Kind of Retro"
"Explaining Tigers"
"Flowers from Inside the Mountain"
"Playing Tag with Science"

ArtLog: incipient new shinies
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Photos taken. Must go to grocery store before rain hits, though, so cropping and uploading will have to wait. But soon.

ArtLog: work in progress
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Today I made a pendant about an alligator who dreams of a chocolate moon.

I have a strange day job. Yes.

Also, I made a pendant called "A Is For Amulet" which contains an archaological fragment from a far land, a shard of wave-tumbled pottery from Tepco Beach, a photoprint of a vintage typewriter key laminated on wood and lasercut, a tiny cylinder of snowflake obsidian, and an old jewelry headpin that looks like a tiny corroded nail. And a glass bottle with cork. And sterling silver. I can't describe it, or why I had to make it, but I did. You'll see. (Some things I make are more likely to wind up hanging on walls than on people, which is why my business name is actually "Lioness: ornament for people and places," in case you ever wondered.)

Also there's a new necklace-crown, and a pair of new necklaces. If photos go well tomorrow, you'll see very soon. And I'm working on an amber piece. Well, several amber pieces. Possibly a lot of amber pieces, because the muse is jumping on me with both feet again.

It's good to be back. I just have to be very very careful with my hands. Which means stopping typing now.

ArtLog: yep, liveblogging the shiny goodness for a full weekend (Sunday edition) - shinies for sale!
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Hi, nice people who showed up here because Greg van Eekhout sent you! I'm Elise. I make shiny things. Lately I've been working with fossil bones and suchlike. (Also hello to everybody else who's been following the liveblogging of shiny-making!)

Below you'll see what I've been working on lately.

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ArtLog: there will be new things to see soon (and old things, too)
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I have sorted out the very recent shinies that haven't been photographed yet, and that's what I'll be trying to get done tomorrow and Friday so that I can show all of you what I was working so hard on. And as long as I'm putting those up, I might as well put up the older pieces just for completeness' sake. And as long I'm putting those older pieces up, I might as well mark them down a tiny bit. Just sayin'.

I'll try to get them up by Saturday afternoon. Wish me luck, eh? There's some good stuff there.

ArtLog: a tease of names
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Yeah, I have brand new things to photograph. I'll add them to the sale once I've done that. Here are the names:

"Mechanical Treasurebox"
"Spring Comes To The Blighted Lands"

"How We Do It In Space"
"Remembrance and Rejoicing"

"Alice Told You Not To Look"
"Coleoptera Royalty"
"Dignified Answers"
"Greeting the Waves"
"A Jar of Fog"
"Persephone's Clock"
"The Pirate Phylum"

ArtLog: finished one "Calendar of Tales" piece!
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I finished the one for February. The one for January is about half-done. Dunno if I'll do other months or not, at this point. But February's done, and I am about to photograph it, and then send the photograph to Neil.

ArtLog: progress! and incipient new shinies
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This is a much better week so far than last week and the week before that. I am tremendously grateful for that.

Today I finished a necklace that is likely to be a replacement necklace for someone whose house got burgled. We'll see if she likes the photographs that I hope to take tomorrow. I also finished another necklace, a short one called "Not Actually Cthulhu's Rosary." You'll see. (Sometimes a working title informs me that it is going to be the finished title and that's all there is to it.) Besides those, there's another necklace (matte stone of great beauty) and a whole raft of earrings. There will be much photography.

Today, however, I need to pack the January Beads of the Month and run postage on it so that I can take it all to the post office tomorrow. Because January doesn't have long to run. *blush* However, the February Beads of the Month are almost all pulled; scotia_girl and I had a good evening yesterday. And the beads in both are pretty nifty.

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