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This is the grand list of everything currently available.

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Urgh. Also, slow Lioness zone. And Unexpected Magpie progress.
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I have a cold. Or it has me. Either way, not much fun.

Hm. This probably won't make any difference for the Holter monitor they want me to wear this week, but I bet the camera-on-a-stick thing will get rescheduled. (It's some throat thing, to look at the blood vessels and all that. These are all followup items from the neurologist, whom I saw on Friday.)

Tired, tired, tired. Also, am definitely noticing there's a different flavor to my visual perception these days. "Unfiltered" is a good word for it, because it's as if the things I used to flip through very quickly when I sorted beads are no longer set as parameters. Every bead looks new and it takes me a while to register and decide what the relevant factors are. It's not a bad thing, but it's certainly slowing me down when I sort beads. (On the other hand, I have seven sets of beads -- at least -- ready to be made into new work, and those were byproducts of pulling the Unexpected Magpie bead mixes, which I do still hope to mail tomorrow.)

Eh, well. Gonna rest a bit, have some food, and then back to the beads.


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