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Fish of my Forefathers, or, another reason why I like reading Bill Holm
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He pretty much cracks me up and delights me in equal measure, and occasionally makes me want to harrumph at him. All in all, his work has been good company. This bit is from "The Art of Brown Bread and Vinarterta," an essay in THE HEART CAN BE FILLED ANYWHERE ON EARTH (ISBN 978-1-57131-251-8), which is currently the book following me around again:

"Is lutefisk food at all? Marginally -- it can be eaten, but that is not the point. The fifty percent of nineteenth-century Norway that emigrated and whose descendants now populate the central Midwest eat it, whether consciously or not, to honor their ancestors, the poverty, grief, and uprooting in their own history. Lutefisk means bitter Passover herbs for jackleg Lutherans. It is human, even decent or noble, to make a road back into your grandfather's life by lifting the same fork of jiggling odorous fish to your mouth -- you in your middle-classness, he in his awful poverty. It is a sort of historical Eucharist when we take and eat the stuff."

My grandfather didn't eat lutefisk. Well, neither of them did, but the one I'm thinking about is the one I met. According to my sister, he ate sable, which I didn't remember until she reminded me of it when I rhapsodized about the sable that Patrick bought me at Russ & Daughters. And sable is pretty far from bitter herbs of any sort, I gotta say. But still. Fish of my forefathers, you know? Food and history and connection.

Got fish of your forefathers and foremothers?

progress and a remembering smile
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Well, I haven't done those pendants yet, the tektite ones and meteorite and dinosaur ones, but I'll give them a go tomorrow. Today I took it easy, what with the bonus extra dizziness from a meds change. I have friends who have a lot more dizziness, so I count myself lucky because this stuff is mild and should be temporary, but taking it easy today was probably a sensible thing. I attended to some email, and connected with some friends, which was good. Some are far away and I miss them like crazy; some I saw just a couple of weeks back and I still miss them like crazy. We definitely need instantaneous transport, yep.

Later on, I snuggled up with Juan and he showed me things he had saved for me: the Dr. Who Christmas special with wooooords, as we call captioned televison. I had watched it in Brooklyn with Patrick and Teresa, but having wooooords and having my Incredible Mammal of Luv by my side makes watching it again exactly the thing to do. He had also saved snippets of Top Gear for me, so I got to see Richard Hammond get struck by lightning, and that sort of thing. (And now I'm trying to remember what on earth I showed Teresa that had James May, which she really liked. Hm. Must ask her. Oh, wait, I remember: it was something about cutting a Christmas tree using high explosives, and then decorating it by mortar. T likes things that go boom; yes, she does.)

The other nice thing today was a remembering smile thing: I am wearing a t-shirt that came in a cube. It's from a cool Japanese-based store that Patrick led me into when we were out running errands one day. (Which reminds me that I have to ask him about cool wallets, since I need a new one and he is a Very Opinionated Person on such things, which is the sort of shopping advisor I want right now. Being truffle pigs of coolness for our friends is one of the great joys of life, no?) Anyhow, I have this stripy t-shirt, and a remembering smile, because in a lot of ways, it was the Best Visit Evar. Massive amounts of smoked fish, introducing P and T to Downton Abbey, and making lots of music? Not to mention a great day out at Ellis Island's museum, lunch with Sharyn November, and Christmas at St. Bonnie's. Best. Visit. Evar.

Still, I am glad to be home, because I missed my people here, especially Juan. And tomorrow I'll catch up with Judy my sponsor and with the rest of my St. Joan's bunch, I hope, depending on who's at early mass. And with any luck, I'll be less dizzy.

So how's it going for you? Got any remembering smiles?

rejoicing quietly
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Patrick took me to Russ & Daughters as a prezzie. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM. Such very good fish! And the chopped liver is lovely!

Except for missing my Juan-mammal, I am a very happy beast, yes indeedy.

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