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Welcome to the good (pirate) ship Birthday Party!
"It's back! It's back!" You hear shouts of delight, and hurry down to the docks. There's a crowd already gathering, some of them wearing startling and festive apparel. You see before you a splendid ship outfitted with jewel-spangled pirate flags and laden with barrels full of beads and shinies. We're out for a birthday cruise that will last until midnight tonight, so grab your best pirate hats and come aboard.

Seeing as how the celebrant turns fifty-two today, the theme is decks of cards. The ship is ornamented with fanciful depictions of all the guests as face cards. Ship's crew offer hors d'ouvres on plates painted with pictures of antique cards. Polly want a cracker with some caviar?

Let the festivities begin!

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