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dis/abilism and the suddenly huggy lady
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(Happy Blogging Against Disabilism Day. Note to nice abled people: if you are going to get torqued off by reading me expressing sarcastic humorous biting sentiments about abled people, save us both time and just post I AM TORQUED OFF FOR THAT REASON U SAID in the comments. I can number them later and use them in a performance piece or something. Kthanks.)

OK. Welcome to me being unfiltered and unfair. I've been irked by a thing lately. There's a... well, let's call it a discussion group for people dealing with a certain issue that I've been going to lately, and this woman in the group did something that's making me uncomfortable. And if she keeps doing it, I am going to have to ask her to stop, and I'm really not looking forward to what might happen next, because you know how annoying and super-drama-llama abled people get. They take so much maintenance.

I mean, everybody here has had the experience of going about their day and being in a discussion group, and then when you get into small groups for an exercise you have to come out about being hearing impaired right at the beginning so that people will know you're lipreading and will enunciate and speak up, and also will avoid covering their mouths with their hands and all those other barriers-to-communication things people do sometimes. Everybody's done that, right? And we all know how careful we have to be to make this explanation light and cheerful and matter-of-fact so that the abled people don't flip out into "OMG I am afraid of doing it wrong so I will avoid talking to this person!" or some variant thereof. Seriously, they need so much special attention, it just makes me tired thinking about it.

But anyhow, I did the usual and was ready to have a fine small group discussion, and this lady got totally weird on me. Like I uttered the phrase "I am hearing-impaired" and apparently the Mystical Able-Bodied Person Wordfilter changed what I said into "I am a poor widdle thing who you should hug! No, really, come into my personal space three times during the next hour, touch me on the arm, take my hands, come up real close and grab me around the shoulders and hug hug hug! Ignore all body language to the contrary! And also talk exaggeratedly loud and sweetsie-toned to me!" Which she did. And I was sufficiently gobsmacked that I just stared at her.

The Mystical Able-Bodied Person Wordfilter doesn't affect every abled person. Thank God. But boy howdy, this was a spectacular one.

I'm still not sure exactly how I'm going to handle it if she does it again this week. After all, she means well, and there's the sacred duty of us folks with disabilities Never To Hurt The Feelings Of A Well-Meaning Abled Person Ever For Any Reason. Even if she's setting off my PTSD by coming up and grabbing me in an affectionate stranglehold.


Oh, well. I had hoped to have something lovely and courageous and inspirational for Blogging Against Disabilism Day, but it's the same old crap.

Wish me luck, eh? But really, I do need to do all that reassurance, and I should do it cheerfully and uncomplainingly, because the nice abled people need to go about their day feeling good and right and righteous and all that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go search the websites again to see if The Cabin in the Woods has a captioned showing in my state, rather than the next state over, and likewise the Hunger Games. So far, haven't found captioned showings of the former in Minnesota, and for the latter I haven't found one I can get to on public transportation in the Twin Cities that's less than two hours each way. But hey, abled people, feel free to keep telling me I should see them. And keep hugging*.


*(Hey, if you're an abled person and need to be reassured that you never do this, just get in the comments and take a number. I'm putting all the Reassure Abled People That They're Doin It Rite tasks off until tomorrow, because today's Blogging Against Disabilism Day, and if we get any days off from that, it ought to be this one. Also, my silly body is acting up today, and I'm just really not up for it, nor for writing a new piece, so you get this thing, which has been in draft for a few days.)

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