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thoughts on "good days and bad days" and disability and my job and stuff
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I've been reading the recent WisCon anthology, Shattering Ableist Narratives, ISBN: 978-1-61976-042-4, edited by JoSelle Vanderhooft. (Full disclosure: Debbie Notkin, who is wild_irises and I have an essay about friendship in the book that grew out of a panel we did last year.) It's got me thinking about a thousand thousand things, as did the previous post that talks about disability and my job.

Yeah, I'm nervous talking about this sometimes. If you ask, I'd say I want people to buy my art because the art connects with them somehow. And this is true. But a few people have told me that part of why it connects with them personally is because they're dealing with big health nonsense or with disability stuff, and I've dealt with big health nonsense and disability stuff, and this makes the art even more meaningful to them. Which gives me additional good feelings of being useful. So there's that, too, and I respect that. Art is multi-layered. Life is multi-layered.

On good days, I can walk to the post office -- and I do, because it's very good for me to walk when I can. (They tell me that being active is part of reducing the risk of another stroke. It also helps with other stuff.) On so-so days, I take the bus for those six blocks and back. On bad days, going out of the house doesn't happen, and sometimes I can't make it to the workbench. And that's the mobility stuff. With the hearing loss, I need to stay close to the front door if I'm expecting a package, as I can't hear bells or knocks very far. Dealing with people (like at the post office) is stressful for me -- not awful, usually, but lip-reading new or mostly-unfamiliar people in an errand situation where everybody in line behind me is in a hurry is work. As for the medical foolishness (Crohn's disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tri-geminal neuralgia) and a few assorted what they call non-neurotypicalities (ADD, I'm looking mostly at you), the former usually hinder my work in most ways, and the latter tremendously helps it in the workbench phase (I have ADD hyperfocus, thank everything, and I use that power for good as much as I can) and hinders it in the paperwork and getting-stuff-organized-to-mail stages. (And leads to sentence structures like the ones in this paragraph. Whether that's good or bad is your call as much as mine.)

Eh. Everybody's got something. And usually more than one something, too, when you look. These are my somethings at the moment, and this is a little of how they affect my job. I left out the depression, but that matters too -- and it reminds me of ways my job helps with my various medical foolishness and disabilities. Because it does. I wouldn't even have this job if I hadn't gotten so sick in the mid-nineties and eventually been diagnosed with a bunch of things, and needed to build a life that meant regular meditative-style work time, during which I could do my breathing exercises and posture-and-relaxation exercises that were part of stress management. (And boy howdy do I need to be doing a refresher on all that lately. Talking about it here is part of remembering that, actually. So thanks for listening and being part of my self-care.)

Roger Ebert's TED talk
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Here. Enjoy. (Note: subtitles available in 23 languages. YES! WIN!) (Also note: his wife is awesome.)

dis/abilism and the suddenly huggy lady
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(Happy Blogging Against Disabilism Day. Note to nice abled people: if you are going to get torqued off by reading me expressing sarcastic humorous biting sentiments about abled people, save us both time and just post I AM TORQUED OFF FOR THAT REASON U SAID in the comments. I can number them later and use them in a performance piece or something. Kthanks.)

OK. Welcome to me being unfiltered and unfair. I've been irked by a thing lately. There's a... well, let's call it a discussion group for people dealing with a certain issue that I've been going to lately, and this woman in the group did something that's making me uncomfortable. And if she keeps doing it, I am going to have to ask her to stop, and I'm really not looking forward to what might happen next, because you know how annoying and super-drama-llama abled people get. They take so much maintenance.

I mean, everybody here has had the experience of going about their day and being in a discussion group, and then when you get into small groups for an exercise you have to come out about being hearing impaired right at the beginning so that people will know you're lipreading and will enunciate and speak up, and also will avoid covering their mouths with their hands and all those other barriers-to-communication things people do sometimes. Everybody's done that, right? And we all know how careful we have to be to make this explanation light and cheerful and matter-of-fact so that the abled people don't flip out into "OMG I am afraid of doing it wrong so I will avoid talking to this person!" or some variant thereof. Seriously, they need so much special attention, it just makes me tired thinking about it.

But anyhow, I did the usual and was ready to have a fine small group discussion, and this lady got totally weird on me. Like I uttered the phrase "I am hearing-impaired" and apparently the Mystical Able-Bodied Person Wordfilter changed what I said into "I am a poor widdle thing who you should hug! No, really, come into my personal space three times during the next hour, touch me on the arm, take my hands, come up real close and grab me around the shoulders and hug hug hug! Ignore all body language to the contrary! And also talk exaggeratedly loud and sweetsie-toned to me!" Which she did. And I was sufficiently gobsmacked that I just stared at her.

The Mystical Able-Bodied Person Wordfilter doesn't affect every abled person. Thank God. But boy howdy, this was a spectacular one.

I'm still not sure exactly how I'm going to handle it if she does it again this week. After all, she means well, and there's the sacred duty of us folks with disabilities Never To Hurt The Feelings Of A Well-Meaning Abled Person Ever For Any Reason. Even if she's setting off my PTSD by coming up and grabbing me in an affectionate stranglehold.


Oh, well. I had hoped to have something lovely and courageous and inspirational for Blogging Against Disabilism Day, but it's the same old crap.

Wish me luck, eh? But really, I do need to do all that reassurance, and I should do it cheerfully and uncomplainingly, because the nice abled people need to go about their day feeling good and right and righteous and all that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go search the websites again to see if The Cabin in the Woods has a captioned showing in my state, rather than the next state over, and likewise the Hunger Games. So far, haven't found captioned showings of the former in Minnesota, and for the latter I haven't found one I can get to on public transportation in the Twin Cities that's less than two hours each way. But hey, abled people, feel free to keep telling me I should see them. And keep hugging*.


*(Hey, if you're an abled person and need to be reassured that you never do this, just get in the comments and take a number. I'm putting all the Reassure Abled People That They're Doin It Rite tasks off until tomorrow, because today's Blogging Against Disabilism Day, and if we get any days off from that, it ought to be this one. Also, my silly body is acting up today, and I'm just really not up for it, nor for writing a new piece, so you get this thing, which has been in draft for a few days.)

dis/ability stuff
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I love this blog post so hard. Just sayin'.

BotMo September shipping delayed slightly
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My silly body is having an unpleasantness festival. As soon as the dizziness and other stuff that's making it hard to stand up or work for very long abates, I will finish packing the Pirates packages and send them out to you. My apologies for the delay; I hoped that having three days at home before the end of the month would do it, but I hadn't figured in the possibility of this nonsense. I'll let you know as soon as they're on the way.

I'm going to try finishing the opal sort now, if I can get myself up to the third floor workshop, which is where the best light is and where I left the opals when I stopped sorting yesterday. Wish me luck, eh? And I hope your day is going better than it might be.

Update: it's three minutes to five p.m. and the opals are sorted. Yay! Now to finish the Pirates packages, since I have the leftover opals to put into them.

Edited to add: Not every single Pirates package will be getting leftover opals, but more than half of them will. And one person gets my leftover fire opals.

...and speaking of inner magpie desires...
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I keep looking idly at the Fluevogs with deep wistfulness. Yeah, I know, I'd need to get the left one built up because of the leg length discrepancy, but still: oh so cool.

The three that are catching my attention just now are:

the Mini Babycake (probably impractical unless I can find a good long-handled zipper-puller, because there's no way I can reach my right foot at present, and I couldn't reach it for several years before the hip surgery anyway)
the Mini Sugar (same issue with the zipper, and because these are a higher boot they probably would be too tight in the calves for my curvy thick legs)
the Xie Xie (completely impractical, as the lacing is real lacing, but oh, so pretty)
(And I love the buttons on the Libby Smith but I hate the thin heel. Hm. Then again, perhaps I should just get regular sensible boots and add spats. That might be lovely.)

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