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Computer troubles (and alternate contact info)
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My computer is doing very worrisome things, and I fear that it has to go back to the shop. (The hard drive should not be making these noises. Nor should the computer itself be giving me an ongoing series of tiny shocks whenever the power cord is connected to it. I think it's probably not the cord; the shocks are originating from the side of the case opposite to where the cord plugs in.) Anyhow, I may be off-line for a bit.

If you need to get hold of me, my Blackberry is getting email again (yay!) so use the usual addresses. If you want to talk with Daniel directly, send to stitchandlioness at gmail dot com. (I won't see those; they go only to Daniel.)

I hope to be back online as soon as possible, with a working computer and no huge bills.

(Considering that my old-version inventory program is hosed and I have to drop a couple hundred on that for the current version upgrade, and that I desperately need to buy wire, I'm not in a great spot, savings-wise, right now. I won't go hungry, but... if I didn't already have a nonrefundable Potlatch airline ticket, I'd be looking at cancelling due to lack of funds. *sigh* Silly body, why are you so expensive lately?)

Anyhow, that's the haps. Wish me luck. Am going to the Institute of the Arts tonight for the Foot In the Door exhibit opening, and then back home to work and so forth. Key and lock charms might happen tonight if things go exceptionally well; otherwise, we'll do it when we can.


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