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[sticky post]ArtLog: all the shinies currently available, old and new
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This is the grand list of everything. To see only the newest things, check for New Shinies posts in recent entries. (Please note: sometimes those newest shinies are too new to be listed here, if I just put them up, but right now it's current and has everything.)

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BotMo: sorting out the packages
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So scotia_girl and I sorted some beads last night for the year of Beads of the Month, and I've got more to tell you about each month. I'll be adding this information and more to the BotMo LJ after beadshopping this weekend, but here's some advance information. Ordering info for BotMo is here and the current grand roster listing how many packages are left is here.

October - Crystal Caves
The Mother Of All Magpies are each getting one absolutely stunning high-grade tourmalinated quartz briolette suitable for being the focal point of a very fine necklace. If you've never had really high-grade tourmalinated quartz, where the quartz is as clear as water and the fine needles of the tourmaline crystals inside show up in abundance, now's a really good chance. I've been hoarding these in my personal dragonhoard, but they're too perfect for the month not to let go. (The Great Big Magpies also get a nifty tourmalinated quartz bead, but the MOAM bead is a showstopper.) There are five MOAMs left and one GBM left. Edited to add: Everybody gets some tiny round tourmaline beads just to see the range of colors. The round quartz beads with tiny vugs (caves) in them full of drusy crystals? Everybody gets at least two of those, so far. The MOAMs get a nifty pyrite-in-matrix specimen bead. And there will be more than I've listed here -- I don't tell you everything in advance, because there wouldn't be surprises when you open your package. Besides, I'm not done sorting yet.

November - More Than Meets the Eye
I was testing fluorescence yesterday, and added a bunch of uranium glass beads with wonderful fluorescence. The special fluorite bead I put in for the MOAMs is a chunk of (semi-smoothed) rough greenish fluorite drilled as a bead. (The fluorescence there is variable, but that's how it is with natural materials. It's very cool, still.) I intend to add labradorite to these packages, because optical effects always bring labradorite to my mind. There are three MOAMs left and two GBMs left. Edited to add: I just put four blue fluorite rounds in for the MOAMs. Also, instead of one rough nugget bead, the MOAMs will get three, so if you want to make a pendant and earrings, you could. Everybody gets some tiny round citrine beads, and some 6mm fluorite round beads. MOAMs get a pair of black star diopside beads, which are pretty interesting beads. And there will be more.

December - Winterfair Under The Stars
I'm still deciding whether the MOAMs will get both kinds of shooting star dust or just one, randomly. I've got Muonionalusta meteorite shavings, and Campo del Cielo meteorite shavings. Tektites are coming to me from one of my favorite suppliers, and I can't wait to see what they send me. And today I'll be starting in on sorting the planet beads, of which there will be many. MOAMs are sold out, but there are three GBMs left. Edited to add: Oh, what the heck; I'm putting a tiny bottle of Muonionalusta shooting star dust AND a tiny bottle of Campo del Cielo shooting star dust in for the MOAMs. Also, I found some tiny pretty grey glass crystals and everybody's getting a couple of those. And the tanzanite is on its way to me, so that everyone can have a few tanzanite chips to learn about the color. And there will be more.

January - Dragon's Hoard
There's a big box of that crackled agate I call "dragonscale carnelian" that I get to sort for these packages. I have a note on my bead shopping list that says "SHINY DRAGON TREASURE". I've also got hopes that my supplier will succeed in tracking down that special kind of garnet to add to this package -- wish me luck, because tsavorite would be stunning. (Way expensive, but too cool not to have.) I'll post if I get it. There are two MOAMs left and two GBMs left. Edited to add: The MOAMs are getting a quartet of itty bitty hessonite garnet rounds. Hessonite is a brownish-yellow form of grossularite garnet. Grossularite also comes in greenish tones, and I've got a few large ones of those hidden away, so each MOAM gets one. Everybody gets some almandite and some rhodolite garnet beads, and there are some unspecified garnet beads I just found and threw in. Whee! And there will be more.

February - Agate and Jasper
There's a huge porcelain jasper rectangle bead for each MOAM that made scotia_girl make appreciative noises. I also found more amethysts stashed away, so some pairs of amethyst rounds will be added to both MOAMs and GBMs. And I haven't even tackled the ocean jasper stash yet, or the botswana agate stash, so expect some of each of those in there. There are four MOAMs left and four GBMs left. Edited to add: The MOAMs each get an amethyst nugget bead. And there will be more.

March - An Abundance of Spoons
I sorted tiny spoon charms last night, and people will get a bunch of those. Spoon earrings, anyone? Also, the MOAMs have a fancier large spoon charm. Since this package is full of comforting things, and I find opalite glass comforting, there are several different shapes of it in there, and I'm getting more at the bead show. Also, there are little charms that remind me of Mary Poppin's wonderful bag, so everybody has at least one of those. Tea is comforting, right? In go the teapot charms for the GBMs, and I'll be looking for more tea-related charms for everyone. There are four MOAMs and three GBMs left. Edited to add: Yes, there will indeed be some aquamarine beads in here, and everybody will get a few. Yay, aquamarine! And I mentioned that each person will get a spinning wheel charm, right? And there will be more.

April - Dinosaurs
The coprolite beads are gorgeous, and everybody gets one. scotia_girl and I were petting them last night and exclaiming over them. I also found some tiny dinosaur charms in my stash, so everybody gets at least one of those. And there are two boxes of rainbow picasso jasper to sort, so the jungly/swampy dino habitat beads should be there in abundance. There are five MOAMs left, but the GBMs are sold out.

May - Enchanted Forest, Enchanted Garden
There is a huge pile of beads on the table for this one already, and I added little bags of forest and garden related charms last night. They're randomly mixed, so I can't tell who will get the darling peapod charms and who will get the tiny five-petaled flowers, but I can assure you that each GBM gets a butterfly charm that I love. There are three MOAMs left and one GBM left are sold out. Edited to add: Everybody's getting a few emerald chip beads in their package, just so you have a little bit of it to play with. I'm looking forward to seeing it. The MOAMs have a matte-finish carnelian leaf bead. I'm on the trail of other leaf and flower shaped beads. And there will be more.

June - Mermaids
The color-change bead that is the focal point of the MOAM package is so cool! Also, I started making the pearl mixes last night, and they're going to be a lot of fun, with a wide range of colors. There is one MOAM left and four three GBMs left. Edited to add: There are some pretty dyed mother-of-pearl beads out there now, so I'm on the hunt for some to put in these packages. I'll keep you posted. And there will be more.

July - This Old Thing?
Sorting the Roman glass for the MOAMs will be tricky, because each piece is different. One person will get a pair of itty bitty ones, which will make nice earrings, and the rest will get solo pieces a bit larger. Roman glass has such interesting patina on some of it. Also, I found more turitella, so both MOAMs and GBMs get some (but the MOAMs is much higher grade). I'll be sorting the ancient coins tomorrow, I think. There is one MOAM left and four GBMs left. Edited to add: As I said in the botmo LJ posts, everybody will get a few ruby chips to study, and likewise everybody will get some red spinel chips to study, because there is nothing so delightfully geeky as talking about the Black Prince's Ruby, you know? Expect a gem history lesson. And there will be more.

August - What the Lioness Likes
I like chrysoprase, and the MOAMs each have a nugget bead of that coming. I think I startled scotia_girl when I told her I was actually sharing those, because she saw how fiercely I snatched up the string of them when I got them. They're truly cool specimen beads, and they are not tiny, that's for sure! I also added some gorgeous lavender glass rondelles, and everybody gets some of those. There are five MOAMs left and one GBM left. Edited to add: Everybody gets a bit of peridot. Yay! And there are some charms in here, and pretty glass, and all sorts of stuff. And there will be more.

September - Pirates!
I always say "This isn't educational -- this is loot!" but I do often label the little bags of treasures. Also, the usual lovely carved wooden skull beads will be in these packages, plus some rather outrageous other skull beads in a few random places. (These made scotia_girl shake her head when I got them some months ago, but I think they're hilarious.) There are plenty of MOAMs and GBMs left, because this is "no limits!" month.

And that's what I know for now. I'll be sorting like mad, getting ready for the bead shows this weekend. Wish me luck, eh?

ArtLog: new shinies!
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ArtLog: ah, kryptonite. i mean chrysoprase. also, opals. mmm, opals.
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Chrysoprase pendants and a pair of opal earrings are in the sale now. And I am going to go hang out with Juan for a bit. See you in a while!

ArtLog: stalking the wild beads in their natural habitat, and also musical instruments likewise
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My favorite natural habitat of beads is wholesale shows and stores, and lately I have been prowling the wholesale bead district in New York again. There are lovely coprolite beads and I have acquired them. There are also other fine things, including the chrysoprase. I'd say I'm powerless against chrysoprase, except that wouldn't be true, because I didn't exactly try to resist. Therefore I have a lovely string of it, and you'll all see what happens with it, I hope. There are also some green-dyed shell pieces that caught my imagination immediately; they're a sort of dusty sage-green shimmery color, and they look like they want to be a necklace-crown. I may take a whack at that later today, but first I have a date with Patrick to stalk the wild ukulele in its natural habitat, which we suspect may be a certain music store in the East Village. I'll let you know how that works out.

ArtLog: new beads, and some plans
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I have new beads. If I can stand up long enough to get to the workbench today (it's being a difficult day), I'll see what some of them might want to be.

I've also got to contact my two outstanding custom-piece winners from two fundraisers, so we can make solid plans for when I come see them and do their work. I'm looking forward to that a lot.

Oh, I forgot to say: some of the new beads are these amazing great honking chrysoprase nuggets. And some are quartz nuggets with shiny shiny pyrite crystals in them. Should be fun.

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