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This is the grand list of everything currently available.

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photo I meant to show you
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In getting ready to post New Shinies, I decanted things from my camera, with the help of Juan who solved various tech glitches. This photo, taken when I was back at Patrick and Teresa's place after they let me out of the hospital after the stroke, pretty much sums up some good stuff, so I wanted to show it to you guys.

(The photo was taken by Juan, who does not care for having his picture taken. T was apparently feeling some kind of shy as well, which is why she's peeking out from behind my shoulder, I guess. Either that, or she's doing one of her celebrated hamster imitations.)

I'm thinking a little celebration is in order. Tuesday at Junior's, OK?
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So today I found out that Tuesday night is lobster night at Junior's Most Fabulous Restaurant and Bakery in Brooklyn. I'm choosing to take this as a sign.

I'll be there this Tuesday night, January 11th, starting at about 6:30 p.m. and staying until I am tired and should go back to La Casa NH and get some rest (which might be as late as 8:30, but don't figure it as much later, just in case, OK?). There's a menu with a wide range of prices, and portions are pretty much huge, so most folks should be able to find something that fits their taste and budget. (The menu's available as a .pdf file in case you need to scope it out for allergies and suchlike.) I have no idea how many people might make it, so we'll just start out and see how many tables we wind up filling; no stress, no hassle, everybody pays their own way and shows up when they like and takes off when they like, and there will be hugs for all.

Seeing as how I'm in a shiny-making mood just now, I'll probably bring whatever's new to show people, so don't be surprised if you find me in a heap of necklaces and lobster shells. (I just finished a necklace called "Dragon Candy," and have another one half done.)

Is good to be working. Is good to be looking forward to lobster and saying hi to people. Is good just to be typing this.

Celebration is definitely in order.

Will I see you there?

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