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[sticky post]ArtLog: all the shinies currently available, old and new
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This is the grand list of everything. To see only the newest things, check for New Shinies posts in recent entries. (Please note: sometimes those newest shinies are too new to be listed here, if I just put them up.)

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ArtLog: new shinies (the post-CONvergence edition, with lots of druzy)
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ArtLog: a tease of names (the post-CONvergence edition)
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I've photographed these, and hope to put them up tonight to show you:

"On Midsummer Night"

"Bird with a Word in her Head: necklace"
"Everything I Know"
"'Much Ado About Nothing' As Performed By Fish"

"Adaptable Magic"
"And Divide By Infinity"
"Bring Me the Heart of Edward Cullen"
"Emergent Properties"
"How the Message Travels"
"The Idea"
"Night Protocols"
"Quite a View from Here"
"Science Fantasy"
"Space Witchery"
"Watching Over the Lines"
"Where Wonder Is"

"And the Sacred Places Where We Do Not Go"
"Comparing Notes"
"Forgiving the Nightingale"
"Interrogating the Signs"
"The Lotus Fountain"
"Quiet Truth"
"The Scenic Route for Starships"
"She's Nobody's Pixie Now"
"Sky Storage Devices"
"Why Math Is Fun"
"Your Spring"

ArtLog: in progress
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There are a lot of things in the world I can't do anything about. Some of them are things that it isn't my job to do something about. Others are things I'd give a lot to be able to stop, like people I love having awful things happen to them, but I don't have the power to stop those things from happening.

About the only thing I'm sure I can do is make good art.

OK, then. Off I go to the workbench. I hope to have things to show you soon. With any luck I can get photographs tomorrow before I have to go to physical therapy.

Currently in progress:
bunches of earrings
a linked necklace for someone who needs it
and more to be listed

ArtLog: a few new shinies, because there I was, putting beads away....
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New shinies, because I got distracted.Collapse )

ArtLog: a tease of names
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Because of course I got distracted during the sale and made some new stuff.

"Bird with a Word in her Head, II"
"The Captain Addresses Her Crew"
"The DNA Artist"
"unnatural histories"
"When the Lost Is Found"

Photos soon.

ArtLog: a good day in the workshop (work in progress)
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So yeah, it's been a rainy day, and I've been up in the workshop, and now there are two new pendants and a pair of earrings. The earrings have shades of grey and grey-blue and a sort of smoky lavender; maybe it's the rainclouds. One of the pendants is called "Unnatural Histories," and has a huge polished chunk of turitella. The other is "Bird with a Word in her Head, II" and has opal matrix and sterling silver and a lot of tiny pearls.

Also made progress on the "Bird with a Word in her Head" necklace, which is... interesting. You'll see.

Work is a great goodness and a comfort.

ArtLog: SHINY SALE in progress now
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Yep, I marked EVERYTHING down, even the brand-new shinies that went up this afternoon.

(It's been an interesting week or two, and I need to trade art for cash that I can fritter away on vet bills and doctor bills. Have added two things to my collection of Stuff My Silly Body Gets Up To: degenerative spinal disease [C3 through C7, at this point] and something's up with my kidneys. Silly body. And poor Malt-kitty is having a time of it. Anyhow, time to MAKE GOOD ART and to have a sale.)

ArtLog: a tease of names (final before-WisCon edition)
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"And Her Song Shall Have No End"
"Requiem for Five Voices"

"Across the Bay They Wait for Me"
"Apotheosis Envy"
"The Night of the Skysinger"

"child of thunder"
"Conversations with the Blood Dragons"
"The Cosmologist's Birthday Gift"
"Eleganza Doughnut Shop"
"Everything We Learned from Horses"
"I Dreamt I Was Living In A Book Cover"
"Kali and Cerridwen Go To A Party"
"Lipstick Lamia"
"The Other Mermaids"
"Radio Free Atlantis"
"The Sandwife"
"Shadow, Cast Your Cloak Over Me"
"Sun Into Moon"
"Where She Went Instead"

ArtLog: things added
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I put the newest necklaces and pendants into the pre-WisCon New Shinies post, and will add the newest earrings as soon as I can.

It's almost here. Eeeee!

ArtLog: a tease of names (yet another pre-WisCon edition)
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I'll try to get photographs today or tomorrow, because I want to show you these. It's been busy up in the workshop.

"New Maps from Old Countries"
"The Time Forest"
"A Way of Smuggling Truth"

"After the War in Elfland"
"'Follow the Signs,' Said the Guide, Buzzing Softly"
"Illustration: The Mermaid Rescues Her from the Cotillion"
"The Lightning Mage's First Job"
"An Old Friend Stops By"
"The Proper Study of Gossip"
"Remembering the Maker of Gates"
"The Sky Somewhere Else"

"The Answer-Keepers"
"Chance and the Dark Mirror"
"Every Last Little Thing Puck Could Think Of"
"Flying Saucers in Folk Art"
"Gods Under the Grass"
"Grasshopper Palace"
"Hiding in the Fire"
"Just Doing My Job"
"The Liberation of Mr. Berge's Lawn"
"Miss Monday Greenmantle"
"See Directions on Bottom of Empire"
"Souvenir of the Mystery Lands"
"Summer Morning at the Lake"


ArtLog: new shinies (the pre-WisCon edition)
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ArtLog: incipient new shinies
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The first third of the photographs are taken, and I'm charging the batteries to take the rest of them. There should be new shinies to see tonight.

ArtLog: a tease of names (another of the pre-WisCon editions)
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"The Flower Fairies Explain Science (Little Golden Books, 1965)"

"As Loud As She Needs To Be"
"Bottled Spring"
"carry me back"
"electric frog pond"
"extra life"
"the genderflower garden"
"little wicked one"
"So Solemn, My Child?"
"Titania on Roller Skates"

There's also a necklace-crown almost done; I hope to finish it in the morning, and get some photos of everything to show you.

ArtLog: a tease of names (one of the pre-WisCon editions)
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"The Wood-Witch"

"Offer Me"

"The Best of It"
"Best Summer Vacation Ever"
"The Country of the Birds"
"Everywhere Was Home Once"
"The Exchange"
"The Seed of All Insurrection Lies in the Femme"*
"The Spinster and her Allies"
"Unlocking Time"

"Ad Astra per Aspera"
"All the Seas and Shadows"
"The Android Hears His Master's Voice"
"A Barrel of Shooting Stars"
"Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Disneyland"**
"Edwardian Ghosts"
"Electric Surf"
"Garden Manifesto"
"ground-water sprite"
"Haunted Science"
"The Hydroelectricity Fairy"
"Like They Do"
"The Rose-Queen's Plan"
"The Snakes of Paradise"
"Solemn Pixie Oath"
"Souvenir of the Mystery Lands"
"The Swamp Witch Comes Home"
"This Beloved World"
"Trees Talk In Code"
"The Unexpected Wish"
"Water Magic Is Very Old Magic"
"What Are the Odds?"
"A Wish in My Pocket"
"The Wood-Nymph's Explanation"

* quote from Carol Queen
** quote from Mike Ford

ArtLog: new shinies (end-of-the-week mix)
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ArtLog: a tease of names (necklaces and hair ornaments)
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There was workbench time, and these are the results, which you will see in the next day or two when I can photograph them.

"The Former Tenants"
"Four Questions to Ask this Movie"
"Morning on the River of Dreams"
"A Very Long Story, Punctuated by Seasons and Conversations with Opinionated Animals"

"MINE. Any Questions?"
"The Oath-Bound Engineer"
"Starfarer's Heart"
"Three Equations"

Tonight is Checking the Email Evening, as I have a sneaking suspicion I forgot to invoice someone. Tomorrow is Mailing Things Day, and I hope also Photographing Things Day.

ArtLog: prior art (all the sold shinies)
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I put up a list of sold shinies over at Dreamwidth, because it can handle a post that long and LJ cannot. The list is necessarily incomplete, but I am having fun adding to it. (If your shinies are not listed there, let me know and I will add them -- but give me a week or so first, since I am going through old entries in reverse order.)


If you want to give me the names of them, or better yet if you have names and links, I will add them in. Otherwise, I hope to find them in the backwards search, which will be followed by the convention invoice book search, and some other searches.

So far, I'm back to December 2012 in my LJ listings... and I started this in 1998. So it's gonna be a while, but it's worth trying, yah? Even though I know I've lost some names, having a list is a grand thing, and full of good memories.

ArtLog: new shinies (pendants, this time)
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Oooh, shiny!! the pendant editionCollapse )

ArtLog: a tease of names (earring edition)
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OK, I got a little intense about earrings lately, so here's what you will see later this week, when I have had a chance to photograph them:

"The August and Ancient Order of Cloudwalkers"
"The Balloonist Replies"
"The Baroque School of Incantations"
"Bloodmaiden Dance"
"'Bloom where you're planted,' said the Wicked Queen"
"Calliope Goes to the French Quarter"
"The Clear Song of the Heart"
"Comeback Tour"
"Distinctions, Fine or Otherwise"
"The Elegant Ghosts of Art Deco"
"Elixir of Maybe"
"Everything the Dragonflies Taught Her"
"Fairytale Backup Plan"
"Hail to the Queen of Evil Machine Parts"
"The Haunted Vineyard"
"Hey, we, to the other world, boys!"
"How To Wrap A Roc's Egg"
"Jokes the Ancestors Told Me"
"Joyful Days with the Monsters"
"Just Before"
"Lady Li's Book of Knowledge"
"The Landscape from the Inside"
"Leaving a Note"
"The Light Beneath the Light"
"Magic from Home"
"Miss Euphemia's Celebrated Moon Liquor"
"Mustardseed and Peaseblossom Write a Book"
"Nefarious Easter Bunny Machinations"
"Nothing So Simple As Darkness, My Dear"
"Party On for SCIENCE!"
"The Pixie Boys in the 1950s"
"Romantic Geology"
"The Secret Life of an Ordinary Flower"
"The Sheriff of Feytown"
"Sign it 'Love and Dinosaurs,' please"
"Signal Corps, Third Amazon Brigade"
"Sing Spring"
"The Testimony of the Traveler"
"Waiting for the Gates to Open"
"Why the Sea Is Salt Really"
"With Love and Dinosaurs"
"World Domination Through Marine Biology"

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