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Ooh, shiny!!

i love you, elise. i am sending love to you.

That is very, very beautiful, and the terrible truth for all lovers, even when it is much less obvious. Thank you for sharing it. You are in my thoughts today and in all the coming days.

"we have seen in each other a shared task"

...that may be the truest phrase I have ever read.

Thank you.

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I am glad you had the time together that you did. I am glad for getting to know him better through you. He will be missed. Please let me know what you wish of me.
I am glad to lend an ear, a shoulder, a hand.....

Words fail me - I can only think of sun-in-rain, rain-in-sun - beauty shared, joy given, a pale hint of your sorrow.

I am sending you all my love. Please call on me if I can do anything useful.

Elise, I am sorry beyond words or even thinking of words. Everyone that knew Mike, even as slightly as I did, will be devastated and be left imagining how tiny our pain is by comparison with yours. He is the world and Art's loss, but most he is yours as he ever was.

I don't think I can add anything to what Roz said, except that Soren and I are thinking of you, and thinking of these words as we plan our ceremony. You have, as always, our love.

I am so sorry. Your response is beautiful, but would you had another 50 years before you were needing to make this post.

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Elise, I have no words. Today I want to smack the universe for doing this to you. Then pat it for having given you him for this long. I have no words, no hugs, nothing that would help. I have been crying very hard.

Elise, sweet Elise...
my face is streaming tears.

At this season
as a leaf a life fullest
Gold falls shattering

So sorry for your loss.

What is remembered, lives. If you need us for anything...

kgencks @ gmail.com

as well not breathe,
as not love

Dammit, I promised myself I wasn't gonna cry this morning....

I am bereft.

Love to you. Love to us all.

You and Mike were a Great Work.

Precisely. Dammit, I miss him.

My love to you as well. I'm sorry for your-and our- loss.

Thank you for sharing this. I can only imagine how you must be feeling right now -- to us, who only knew him as pixels on a screen or ink upon a page, the shock was like a punch in the stomach -- for you, who loved him.... well. I hope that you are having all of the support you need.

Know that you and he are in my prayers. Much love to you in your loss.

Thank you; you make me cry for someone I never really knew.

Well, fuck.

Elise, if you have need of a Berlien-buddy, I'm here for you.

I love you, and admire you: you looked at the risks, a bit closer than most of us do, and saw that love is worth it.

Deepest condolences from a near stranger crying at a keyboard.

Met you briefly at LACon and told you then that I never met a funnier- quicker- person than Mike.

Wishing you whatever it is you need to be wished.

Elise, I am more sorry than I know how to say.

Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Gods, how you two deserved each other, in all the best ways.


I wish I'd known him, and I'm honestly sorry I didn't.

My deepest sympathies on your loss, Elise.

You are in our thoughts,
Star & Pooch

You won't know me, Elise, I'm just a stranger passing by; I have seen pegkerr reference you many times on her blog, and I knew of Mike's work with Star Trek, and enjoyed his comments on Making Light. It is the usual passings that happen on the small world that is the Net, and yet it is enough to be sorrowed by his passing, and to express to you my deepest condolences. I hope your memories of him are a blessing for you.


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