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ArtLog: the last Beads of the Month package for Year Two - January 2006 last call

[If you don't know what Beads of the Month is, information can be found here. Short form: there's a $9 basic package and a $25 Big Magpie package; basic has fewer beads and they are sturdy enough to travel in a bubblepack mailing envelope; Big Magpie has many more beads and often has fragile beads or very large beads, because it comes in a box. Throwing some money at me for postage is voluntary, but it does get you my heartfelt gratitude.] This is the last BotMo for which the foregoing holds; in Year Three, the instructions and prices are a bit different.

This is the roll call for "Elise's Choice" - and given the magnitude of the snarled paperwork I am almost through unsnarling, I will be deeply astonished if someone hasn't been left off this list by accident. If I've missed you or gotten something wrong, please e-mail me right away so I can adjust reality to fit. If you would like to get in on this month's selection, please let me know here or in e-mail to elise at lioness dot net. Deadline for "Elise's Choice" is at 11:59 PM (23:59, for those of you using unconfusing clocks) on Friday, January 20, which is in two days.

Who's in:
1. aitchellsee (Big Magpie subscription through January '06)
2. boxofdelights (Big Magpie through Jan '06)
3. leaina (Big Magpie subscription through January '06)
4. marykaykare (Big Magpie subscription through January '06)
5. puppytown (Big Magpie through Jan '06)
6. tak61 (Big Magpie gift membership; probably paid, if I can find my notes)
7. nolly (Big Magpie for Jan '06)

1. amandacaves (basic subscription through Jan '06, plus three basics for next year)
2. kristenj (basic subscription through Jan '06)
3. ksp24 (basic subscription through Jan '06)
4. moon_ferret (basic for Jan '06)
5. submarine_bells (basic for Jan '06>
6. autumnesquirrel's sister (basic for Jan '06)
7. dichroic (basic for Jan '06)
8. annaoj (basic for Jan '06)
9. glinda_w (basic for Jan '06)

There is no upper limit. (There is no spoon. Wait, no. Well, OK. Totally spoon-free, man.) Seriously, though, there is no upper limit on this month's package. All beads will be chosen at the whim of the Lioness. (Could be anything, man; I don't know where it's going to go. Especially if I am this tired when I pull the beads, starting tonight.)

To burble about what you have liked in previous Beads of the Month packages, go to this entry. It's not a request line, but knowing what you especially liked is very helpful to me, and if I have one lonely bead left over of something you adored, you never know; sometimes they just jump into the package.

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Presuming that you got my money, I'd like to put my sister in for this one and the next two.

I'm in on this one. I'll paypal you the funds shortly.

Got it. Will do. I shall list her as autumnesquirrel's sister, unless you'd like me to put her name up.

I am not a member of the BotM club, not trying to join, but I have a couple (i.e. APPROXIMATELY two) questions, one of which specifically pertains to "all sorts of curious beads I had forgotten I have." Should I just email you? Or do you prefer some other contact method?


Re: Beads (what else?)

E-mail is good. Curious beads are good.

I can do this again now! Big Magpie for me, please; paypal forthcoming.

OK, I'm in. Sending Paypal now...

OK, I'm in, for Basic. Sending Paypal now...

oh, what the hell, add me for basic, please...


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