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ArtLog: Beads of the Month schedule and roll call Grand Roster, Year Three
(Need basic information on the Beads of the Month program, including prices and shipping costs and the questionnaire? Look here. Please note that there is now a third price level, the Mother Of All Magpies level at $50; this started due to the November package coming up, because that's the Astronomy-themed month and I wanted to offer a package containing really truly true meteorite beads. There are now Mother Of All Magpies available for May, December, and January too. Shipping costs for Mother Of All Magpies will be $4 for November, but I had to tweak the shipping on May, December and January to $5.)

Deadline for each month will be on the 15th of that month unless specified in my LJ when I announce roll call for each month. If there is a limited number of spots available for some particular theme or level, I'll list that here too.

The Months, the Themes, the Roll CallCollapse )

There you have it. Let the BotMo fun begin!


Happened to be up late and saw the limit notice! I'd like to get on the list for the January Big Magpie for Blood & Roses, tho the payment will be a bit in the future (but before the deadline).

And I should check -- did you get my paypal for the August BotMot?

Thanks again!

I did get August. Thanks!

I am interested in th MoaM for January also (also incl the Lab.)

I think I've paid you for MOAM December (Labradorite) -- I've had the Paypal receipt. But it's still showing here as 'payment in progress'. Can I check you've had the cash please?



Got it, and have changed the listing here. Thank you, and thank you especially for asking.

Big Magpie for Pirates, please! Arrr!

And, looking up there - I thought I Paypalled you for Dragons, now I'm worried I might not have. Will go check.

And I am known in all the ports of the China Sea as Mad Alice Cutlip. Avast, me hearrrties!

1. The easy part: please sign me up for Basic for September BotMo.
2. The hard part: I'm really excited about the October theme and would like a Big Magpie BUT. I'll be moving somewhen in late October. Don't know exactly where or exactly when. Please don't hesitate to tell me if it would be too much trouble, but would it be possible to sign up and pay for October Big Magpie but then have you hang on to it and ship it with the November package?

I'm already signed up and paid for the November MoaM, but will need to get you a new address when I have it. Will also need to send you additional money for shipping; I've paid US price but will be in the Netherlands by then.

1. Got you signed up. Yay!

2. Sure, I can hold it and ship it with the November one. I've put you on the list, and put a note to myself.

The Netherlands!! Woo!!

I'd like to do the Big Magpie for September, if I'm in time. Arrr! (Payment will come later today.)

Put me down for the Pirate Big Magpie

Off to pay for it now.

Re: Put me down for the Pirate Big Magpie

Gotcha down. I think the PayPal receipt is here somewhere, and I shall update the GR to that effect when I find it, which I hope will be soonly. (I have catching up to do.)


December Mother of all Magpies

May I be in for this one? I can paypal in the a.m. (you may not remember me--I'm kimmer on the bpal forum).

Re: December Mother of all Magpies

Got you down for December MOAM - thanks! And hi! Have you got the PayPal address and shipping info and all that?

Hi! I'd like to get in on the Big Magpie action, with the Mother of all Magpies when available, for the rest of the year . Please let me know the total for the rest of the year + Jan, and I'll paypal the whole shebang. If possible, I'd like to get in on the Pirate booty... thanks!! :^)

I'm so excited!

E-mail sent. Welcome aboard!

Greetings! I just found you and your BOTM program and am excite about getting cool beads in the mail!. I paypal'd you for October and November Big Magpie. I am considerng it a birthday gift to myself since my birthday is Friday the 13th!

Re: Just sent payment

Whoops! OK, got you there now -- am about to add to roster. Thanks!

Re: Just sent payment (Anonymous) Expand
I'd like to move up to the Mother of All Magpies for January. Then I'll take "way more red beads" off my own shopping list. (A currently-in-crisis friend just used many of my red BotMo Dragon beads for a therapeutic necklace, so hooray and thanks from me and her.)

Cool. Moving you up now.

Howdy. Hey, I know this is probably in process of being updated, but I am all paid up.

Also, I need to change my shipping address, if possible... I'll send you an email.

I think I've got you correctly listed now. Yah, or do I still have more to fix?


I've just paypal'd to take advantage of the reappearance of the September and October Big Magpies.

Let me know if something goes awry with the payment!


All is well, and I have you on the list now. Yay!

Hullo -
I'd like to send a basic Astronomy package to a friend. Will email you. Thanks!

I got that, and it's being mailed out today if all goes well.

Hi - Grand roster is still showing my November/Astronomy mother of all magpie listing as upgrade from Big Magpie, remainder to come. I sent the upgrade amount in August, and just wanted to check and see if you'd noted it's receipt or not. Thanks!

Oh, wait -- I know where to look, now.

It's a good thing I have a Jeannie now, as well as a Katie.

OK, got it, and fixing records now. Thank you very much for spotting this one for me. My fault - I deposited the check but did not make the necessary correction on my records.

(Goodness knows I NEED a Jeannie. That's obvious all around, I believe.)

When you get your sched together for Year 4, and know what the total will be for the year sub, I'd like to sign up for the max pkg for each month for the entire year. Just send me an email or something, and I'll whisk the moola off to you.

I guess my point is - I want in, please reserve spots for me, and since I'm too doofy to figure our all the $ info, just lemme know what I owe ya.

OK, will do. With the help of Jeannie and Katie, all will make sense. I have faith.

WOOHOO! I did the budget math and guess what is back in! YAY ME! Sign me up for a November. Basic.

*hugs her new job to her chest*

And if you decide to do a garage sale and you have any September Pirates left, please let me know. I was sad to have missed it.

Gotcha there, and do watch my LJ during the next 48 hours for a BotMo leftovers sale. Your timing is excellent!

Finally, sign me up for a year of magpies.

Now that I have gotten my first shipment, I am hooked. And so depressed that I missed so many cool previous months. Do you ship out everything you have, even if you do not "sell out" a previous month? Are there any back orders of previous months of this year available ( especially the Dragons....)??
thanks for the info.

I sometimes save a few extras just in case something goes awry with my paperwork and I need to suddenly ship one to somebody I missed. About twice a year, I clear out the box of extras. I'm about to do that, so watch for a new post in my LJ as soon as I get these goodies mailed out. You might be in luck.

While I'm at it I'm going to do all 12 months of year 4 at the basic level (when you come out with the themes I'll let you know which one I want to upgrade :), and The Mother of All Magpie for January. I'm going to wait and pay after the themes come out, but I thought I'd let you know now, why'll I was thinking about it.

Hi! The roster says I still owe for a January MOAM. Did I count wrong when I sent you money by Paypal?

Nah, I spaced it out. Fixed now. Thanks for catching it. (Jeannie-who-likes-spreadsheets had the correct info. I am so glad there is a Jeannie. And next year, Jeannie and Katie will be the ones updating the Grand Roster, so it should be MUCH less confusing than it has been. Signed, tangly Lioness.)

I just got a bounce notice for mail I sent to the botmo address on Dec 8! I'm trying to give someone a year's Big Magpie and I would really really like it to start this month.

Did you send it to botmo@lioness.net? Or lioness.com? It's the .net one.

If yes on the net, I will poke my sysadmin, the lovely and talented Juan.

And there's enough for you to get in on Dec. Got plenty Big Magpies left right now.

Drat. Dilemma. I still haven't received the previous package - but I got a slip that *might* be it (have to wait for a second slip, then get package at the post ofc which I may or may not be able to do today before taking off for two weeks). But I really would like the labradorite, the deadline's tonight, and after all, shipping tends to get backlogged in December.

So how about this: could you kindly put me down for a Big Magpie for December. I'll Paypal, and then if the package doesn't get here or arrives mangled (which seems unlikely) I'll just let you know before shipping and someone else can have a surprise double package?

Also, when I Paypal-ed, it wouldn't accept an address outside the US. So the correct address is in the Paypal comment. Sorry to be a problem child. I added $6 for shipping (in addition to the expected $4); let me know if that's not enough.


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