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ArtLog: Beads of the Month schedule and roll call Grand Roster, Year Three
(Need basic information on the Beads of the Month program, including prices and shipping costs and the questionnaire? Look here. Please note that there is now a third price level, the Mother Of All Magpies level at $50; this started due to the November package coming up, because that's the Astronomy-themed month and I wanted to offer a package containing really truly true meteorite beads. There are now Mother Of All Magpies available for May, December, and January too. Shipping costs for Mother Of All Magpies will be $4 for November, but I had to tweak the shipping on May, December and January to $5.)

Deadline for each month will be on the 15th of that month unless specified in my LJ when I announce roll call for each month. If there is a limited number of spots available for some particular theme or level, I'll list that here too.

The Months, the Themes, the Roll CallCollapse )

There you have it. Let the BotMo fun begin!

Upgrading for June?

If you have room for an upgrade to Big Magpie for this month (Pearls), I'd like it. Let me know and I'll paypal the money over, or wait until the sale, as you prefer.

Re: Upgrading for June?

I do have room. Hop in! (It's $12.50 for the upgrade and $2 for the shipping upgrade, so $14.50.)

If I pay for six months, can I choose which ones? If so, I'd like the basic package for June, July, September, October and January, which leaves one over - this may be November, but I haven't decided yet.

Would you like payment now or after the sale?

After sale is good. Thank you!

I'd like to sign up for Big Magpie's in June and July, and then see what my paychecks afford me from there. *L* I've sent a payment for June on its way, and I'll send the email with my info and answers to the questionnaire promptly. ^_^

You have been very prompt indeed, and this dilatory lioness craves your pardon. Your name is on the list now. Please to let me know if I goofed or left anything off, OK? Thanks!

June basic for Moon_ferret/Sarah Horton. Will send the payola tonight via Midnight Express.

Or Paypal. Whichever.

I'd like to upgrade to Big Magpie level for June (pearls) please! I should send you $14.50 for this, yes? Would you like me to Paypal this separately, or add it in at the end of the sale?

Thanks! Kristen Durbin (kristenj in LJ-land)

Go on and PayPal it separately, actually; it'll help keep me unconfused just now. Thanks! And yes, that's the upgrade price. Yay!

I have sent $ via Paypal to upgrade to Mig Magpie for the month of June (pearls!)

Did the pearls come and find you?

I've noticed I'm not on the list - am I still OK to be in for June, July, September, October, January and a month TBD at basic? You said sending payment after the sale would be OK but I'm happy to send it tonight if that would make the admin easier (having been liberally tied up in red tape this week I'm all in favour of keeping admin to the minimum necessary).

Got you there now. Did the pearls arrive happily?


Just a follow up note to the gimme@ sale email to sign up for the Big Magpie pearls!

I'll paypal at the conclusion of the sale...looking forward to seeing the Venetian beads :-)


Gotcha! Did everything get there OK?

Ooo, please sign me up for Big Magpie for July. Dragons!

You're on the list. Yay! I need to confirm your mailing address, though, so drop me a line, please.

Hi Elise, I gave you a check at Readercon for a 6 month membership in BOTM. Thanks.

Re: New BOTM member

You're on the list now. Thanks! I hope you like the goodies.

Sorry, my payment for July and August wasn't paperwork-fu but me forgetting to check that you had indeed listed me. But I have now Paypaled.

Hi! May I have a Big Magpie Dragon, please? I'll paypay before midnight!

Forgot I wasn't logged in. That was me!

ah, what the hell, upgrade me to Big Magpie, please?

payment will be paypalled tonight sometime...

(oooh dragons. My 9 1/2 year old "nephew" is into beading -well, partly because Auntie Glenda does beadstuff - and he loves dragons; I've gotten him dragon beads before, and he won't *use* them, he just puts them on top of his computer in front of the monitor so he can look at them. May as well get more...

Coolness. You're upgraded. *poof!*

Can you upgrade me to a big magpie for July - the dragons month? I can paypal you later today or first thing tomorrow - the difference.

sign me up for the big dragon magpie if there is space left? will pay as soon as get your ok.

Re: big dragon magpie

OK, but that's all, then; the boat's full, and I gotta pull beads now. *grin*

$25 plus the $4 S&H for North America, if that's the place you hang your fishie hat.

I am such a creampuff.

As a reward for actually selling something, I actually have money for November and December MOAM, but I wasn't sure if there was still room in November (if not, put me down for Big Magpie), and wasn't exactly sure how much I'd owe you. Just let me know, and the money shal be sent your way.

There's room in December's Mother of All Magpies.

I can put you on the waitlist for November's Mother of All Magpies, which is currently full; I'll put you down for a Big Magpie there now, and if a MOAM spot opens up, you can upgrade then, OK?

So that's one Big Magpie (November) at $25, plus $4 shipping & handling there; and also one MOAM (December) at $50, plus the $5 shipping & handling there. The total's $84, then. And I shall put you in the next waitlist spot.

I would love a Big Magpie for August but I can't paypal for a week or so, possibly not until close to the 15th (although definitely by the deadline). Can I reserve one of the spots?

Yup. You're on the list now.

Sign me up. I am helpless before the lure of amber...

Re: August Big Magpie

There you are. Yay!

Can I have a Big Magpie for Resin, please? If I'm too late, a basic would also be great :)

I'll pay as soon as I know which package it is.

I'd like to sign up for a basic for August (Resin) please. I will send payment on Friday, if that's ok.

Sounds good. I'll add you to the list.

Would it be possible for me to move from the January Blood & Roses to the August Resins? I'm not sure if I originally specified which six months I was signing up for, but if there's still room to move to Resins I'd like to. :-)

You show me as
7.[info]nolly (upgrade to come for Mother Of All Magpies plus S&H)

for Nov., but by my PayPal records, I sent payment 3/31/06, and it cleared 4/5/06.

Please let me know if there's a problem.

Ah! I am very glad you caught that; thank you. Yes, I hadn't gone back and revised it when it cleared. All fixed in a moment, it will be.

I'd like in on the December Basic, please! :)

You got it. Yay!

We're down to one left, but I expect a few upgrades to MOAM from among the basics, so there's still a bit of hope for others who want to get in too.

Is it possible to just do one month? Because labradorite is my favourite stone and I'd like to do Mother of All Magpies for December if possible. If so, can you let me know and I'll send money, answer questionnaire etc.

Sorry, that was me; LJ did something seriously weird because I was logged in a moment ago.

Please may I have one of the basic slots for November (astronomy)? That would mean that all of the months I've paid for are accounted for. Thanks!


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