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ArtLog: Beads of the Month schedule and roll call Grand Roster, Year Three
(Need basic information on the Beads of the Month program, including prices and shipping costs and the questionnaire? Look here. Please note that there is now a third price level, the Mother Of All Magpies level at $50; this started due to the November package coming up, because that's the Astronomy-themed month and I wanted to offer a package containing really truly true meteorite beads. There are now Mother Of All Magpies available for May, December, and January too. Shipping costs for Mother Of All Magpies will be $4 for November, but I had to tweak the shipping on May, December and January to $5.)

Deadline for each month will be on the 15th of that month unless specified in my LJ when I announce roll call for each month. If there is a limited number of spots available for some particular theme or level, I'll list that here too.

The Months, the Themes, the Roll CallCollapse )

There you have it. Let the BotMo fun begin!

Please upgrade me to "Big Magpie" for the labradorite...

--g, trying not to drool at the thought of lots of labradorite

I may upgrade on June's pearls, but I think that decision can wait.

Sensible. There will be lots of room in that one, unless there's unforseen beadpeople swarmage. *grin*

I request Big Magpie for:
June Pearls
July Dragons
August Resin
November Astronomy
January Blood and Roses

I'll send payment at the beginning of May.

Is it too late to get in on the March BotM? I have had a HECK of a past couple weeks and realized I didn't send anything or see anything. Been head down in real life, which is not happy right now. So I need shinies.


Me for March and April Basic, please - I think it's safe to pln ahead that far!

Gotcha. Excellent.

I'm also holding that spot in the Mother Of All Magpies in November for you, so let me know if you want it for sure, OK? Thanks!

Just to let you know, on Feb. 22 I Paypal-ed $22.00 to you to cover the basic shipped & handling for the rest of the year.

Why, so you did. Got it updated now, and thank you for the reminder. Slow grateful Lioness, I am.

Also, as a happy-birthday-to-me present, I'm going to upgrade to "Big Magpie" this month. Whee! How much more should I send you? Thanks!

Lemme see: I think I have to write up how upgrades work. Current thinking is that you pay the difference between the month-to-month rate on whatever you've got and whatever you're upgrading to, and shipping & handling likewise. Basic month-to-month is $12.50 with $2 S&H; Big Magpie month-to-month is $25, with $4 S&H. $12.50 plus $2 ought to cover it, so a total of $14.50.

Sound good?

Oh, I want to sign up for a Big Magpie for March/Colors of Night, too. I tried to resist but I failed. Payment follows tomorrow w/paycheck.

Eeeeexcellent! *grin*

Hi there,

I would like to sign up for a Big Magpie Colors of Night. I'll do the paypal thing shortly.

Am very excited by this package--and many of the other upcoming ones!

Coolness! Please to remember to include $4 for shipping, if you're in North America. Thanks!

I am pulling beads tonight, and they are preeeeeetty. I hope you guys like them.

Dear elise,

I should love to get in on May, June, July, October, November, and December at the Big Magpie level. Oh! And on the mother-of-all-magpie waiting list for November, please, please, please.

And I'm having math brain, so please let me know how much that is, and I'll mail it to you right away. Thank you!

OK, I've got you on the list.

Payment should cover the six months at the Big Magpie level, but not the Mother Of All Magpies, since you're on the waitlist for that and not confirmed. When/if I can get more of the beads for the Mother Of All Magpies and put you in an additional spot there, then we can do that part of the money thing, whether it's upgrading the Big Magpie for that month or keeping it and adding the MOAM. Does that sound OK?

Six months of Big Magpie at the six month rate (6 x 22) is $132 plus shipping & handling (6 x 4) of $24, so $156. Woo-hoo!

I didn't mean to ask for an extra day on account of the IRS and Patriot's Day, you know--just being silly.

Yeah, but I think it's funny, so we're doing it.


Sliding in just before the deadline...one Big Magpie for Lookalikes and Colour Cousins, please.

I really loved the Colours of Night and am much looking forward to this one.

Off to paypal...

Gotcha on the list there. Did you receive a package?

October and November Big Magpies, please. Will pay in dribs and drabs.

Got you on the list. Thanks!

Can you add me for December and Jan 07? Basic now, but I may upgrade as monies permit.

OK, I have added you to the list. Yay!

Elise: I'm not doing Apr or May, but I'd like in for June and July both. Big Magpie.


I'm paid for Basic in April; do you have space for me to upgrade to Big Magpie? I'd also like to do Big Magpie for May and June, if possible. I do like stone and I do like pearl and I *have* got a pocketknife, that almost cuts (oops, sorry, off on a small tangent there).

Besides, I've just used up a lot of stuff out of stash; you can see the results here. They're fairly simple necklaces, because they're made to be able to be worn while rowing, and they're going to be auctioned off to raise funds for a junior (high-school aged) regatta.

Just a reminder that I'm upgrading to Big Magpie for the rest of the year; Paypal should have gone though by the April deadline. Thanks!

Gotcha. Will fix. Thanks!

Could I please be in Big Magpie for May and June?

Also, I thought I was in for Mother of all Magpies for November, but am not on the list (sorry if I was unclear about wanting to be). If you still have room for me, if it's best for you I could just PayPal now then send extra shipping money later if it turns out I'm someplace harder to mail to.

You're safe and sound and in, on all three; I was holding spot #3 in November's Mother Of All Magpies for you, so it was cool.

I'd like to be included for May, please, on the basic package. I need to sort out a PayPal account, though: I hope this won't slow things up too much. I'll do the emailing at lunchtime, so please poke me (well, leave a comment in my LJ, maybe) if you haven't heard by 5pm GMT or so.

Eee! Shiny things!

Am currently having email problems on all fronts. Will try again later...

another upgrade, please?

for May, to Mother of All Magpies

IIRC, I'm paid for Big Magpie for that already; how much do I owe for the additional upgrade? another $25 plus extra S&H?

let me know, I can paypal it or send a check, whichever you'd prefer.

Re: another upgrade, please?

Will put you on list. Yay!

Upgrade will be as you said: $25 plus an extra dollar of shipping. PayPal would be extremely useful just now; thanks for checking. And thank you!

Upgrade me to the MOAM for December - Labradorite, please?

OK, you're on the list. Thanks!

I'd like to do Basic for May, with a WisCon pickup. Does that mean not adding S&H? :)

OK, I'll add you to the list.

with a WisCon pickup. Does that mean not adding S&H? :)

Well, the delivery fee pretty much equals S&H, I figure, so it's still the same. ;-)

(Now if you wanted to come over here and get it, that'd be different. Also more distracting, as I would have to wave shinies at you to get opinions and stuff.)

I'm in for the rest of the year (August to January 2007) at the Big Magpie level (er, November looks full, so just basic there,) with MOAM in December for the Labs, please. WOO!

If you have a MOAM for Blood & Roses, I'd be interested. I'm so excited for that one!

Paypal on the way.

Gotcha, and putting you into MOAM November, as there has been a space added.

There's a paypal that went today
she says
as she *slaps forehead
but not too hard
as hey,
it is all thistle fluff in there*

and I forgot to mail the check



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