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bizarre captioning
OK, this is just surreal. I have Fashion Police on here at Mike's place, not really watching it, just glancing at the dresses from time to time, and my attention was caught when a line about "the president needs to be impeached" was inserted between two other lines of captioning. A bit later, in a commentary about Natalie Portman, I saw the line, "She is Al Gore."

Mind you, the captions continually refer to the dress as address, and called Kate Beckinsale something like indicate beck and sale, but still, what's with the political references? Did the participants say anything close to those things?

Really, really odd. Enough odd that I'm reluctant to mention it. Perhaps I should go take my temperature and lie down or something.

Additional quotes:

"would have previewed her in chocolate" (I suspect the word was "preferred.")
"Ellen from Gray's Anatomy" (a designer I don't know yet?)
And did they really call Camryn Mannheim "a full-grown dog"?
"Lude did I crust Ralph Lauren jacket with tweed occupants" (-- uh, sure, dude.)

Life with captions is sometimes life with nearly random captions.

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Oh, but I very much enjoy the idea that the captions person is sneaking in subliminal political messages like "the president needs to be impeached." Yes I do.

You never know, the commentator might have just hiccuped and HAD to SAY IT in the middle of things.

since after all...

Things I've seen recently:
"Won't someone give him a blowjob so we can impeach him?" as a .sig
"Impeachment: it's not just for blowjobs anymore!" as a bumpersticker on a Prius. (Surprise surprise.)

Okay, I'm just *dying* laughing over here. (It sounds rather like a hyena, too, because I've got laryngitis.)


Wouldn't that be, "dyeing"? (And what color is a laugh, anyway?)

That's really astonishing on beyond Mondegreen-land.

How does one get a job as a captioner?

Those are funny!

"Ellen from Gray's Anatomy" (a designer I don't know yet?)

Well, there is an Ellen Pompeo on the tv series Grey's Anatomy. And a recurring character named Ellis. ::shrug:: Who knows?

OK, that's probably what it was, then.

Ye flippin' gods. They're using some sort of voice recognition software to generate the captions, and not proofing them before putting them up. This is so stupid (not to mention that putting live human captioners out of work sucks) that I may have to go kick someone.

They do this a lot. Some shows are worse than others.

I still fancy the Olympics coverage that talked of putting people through "medal detectors." And of course the all-time winner in the captioning flub contest was the show about WWII Germany which spoke of "Joseph Gerbils."


is a pretty good phonetic rendering of 'Goebbels'.

Ludacris is a rapper.

OK, that makes more sense. And of course tweed occupants is tweed pants. But still.

One of the great joys of the movie Crash, if you know who Ludacris is, is when his character goes off on a rant about what crap rap is, and how it keeps the brother man down. It's not unlike the karaoke scene in Code 46, where that really is Mick Jones singing, "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"... and just how could you compete with that, if you were in the bar that night?

Crash is also a good movie overall, if not exactly cheerful.

Hmmm. Possibly out-of-work Hong Kong action film subtitlers have hijacked the captioning seat. Part of the charm of certain Hong Kong films was always the fascinating malaprops in the subtitles.

I seem to remember an anecdote, I think it was by/about Al Franken, that when he had speaking engagements with sign language interpreters, he'd say something like "I heard Al Franken making fun of deaf people backstage. Let's kill him after the show."

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