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I found this in my wanderings. Though I seldom do memes, I'll do this one now, just to see what happens.

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1) This is really, really good for me in ways that are so important I'm a little afraid to trust them right now. Or at least to call attention to them. So. Um. Er.

2) You are a constant wonder and amazement, and I am so glad to hear the note of amusement come back into your voice, on top of the notes of Determination To Get Through This Particular Crap In That Other Situation. The steadfastness of your unfathomable and quirky heart (I grin!) is one of the foundations of the universe. I am extremely lucky that you love the difficult ones.

3. I miss you and I mean to do something about that. Let's walk through your garden again, and in your city, and let's go back to the beach where we walked with our dear loves. We can drink a toast to them. (Without Zorba the Greek on in the background this time, though.) Thank you for teaching me to love your place and your people.

4. Are you OK? Is your daughter doing well? I hope so, and that you are still a gladsome spirit. Thank you for looking after me and Mike.

5. I still tell the Cookie Story. That was brilliant of you, and very sweet.

6. Yes, I am indeed grateful that you lured me into this, you wicked crafty thing, you. It's a lot of fun, and it's good to be back in a creative milieu of this particular ilk. Speaking of that particular milieu, you're really REALLY good at what you do. I hope you know that.

7. And you, oh architect of so many things -- no, that's not it. You, archivist and librarian of so many things. There, that's it. You pre-lured me, you set-up artist, you. For which I am grateful. And not for the first time, either. For that, and for so many things. Love you forever. And we need more lobster, and more time, and possibly some curious expedition.

8. You were unspeakably cruel. You probably don't even remember back that far -- the better part of a half-century now. And it's not like nobody was being cruel to you; I do understand that. But passing that cruelty on was not the best choice you could have made. I occasionally wonder what became of you, but not enough to go check. Still, I kind of wish you hadn't bought that particular house. Oh, well, maybe its influence will improve you.

9. Nota bene: You Must Be At Least This Tall To Ride This Ride.

10. If the universe gave out medals for saving kids' lives through the medium of high school theater, you should get one. Seriously. Thank you.

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