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[sticky post]ArtLog: all the shinies currently available, old and new
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This is the grand list of everything. To see only the newest things, check for New Shinies posts in recent entries. (Please note: sometimes those newest shinies are too new to be listed here, if I just put them up.)

Hi! I'm Elise, also called Lioness, and this is what I do. It's also what got me a World Fantasy Award nomination in 2009, which surprised and delighted me. I love making art that inspires other people to make art, especially word-art. Plus, that way there's more for me to read. Win!

Here are all the shinies currently available, with instructions at the end on how to claim them if you see something you must carry off to your nest and coo over.

Named earrings:

"As Loud As She Needs To Be" earrings: plastic (a.k.a. "resin," fancy-schmancy terminology), sterling silver. They look like beach glass, but they're plastic, and very light compared to their appearance. Plus the light coming through them is awesome. $19

"Asking the Old Ones" earrings: glass, sterling silver. These are super-light compared to how they look, and they do look like beach glass. $26

"Audience with the Queen" earrings: dinosaur bone, poppy jasper, gold filled wire. $85

"The Captain Addresses Her Crew" earrings: agate, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver. Amazing agate beads. Yes, that is a touch of blue-green in there; none of the others on the string had it. No, I don't know what kind of agate. I've never seen anything like them before. $40

"carry me back" earrings: plastic (a.k.a. "resin," fancy-schmancy terminology), sterling silver. $16

"The Cosmologist's Birthday Gift" earrings: various jasper, sterling silver. $35

"The DNA Artist" earrings: glass and sterling silver. $30

"electric frog pond" earrings: plastic (a.k.a. "resin," fancy-schmancy terminology), sterling silver. $18

"The Elegant Ghosts of Art Deco" earrings: glass and sterling silver. $45

"extra life" earrings: plastic (a.k.a. "resin," fancy-schmancy terminology), sterling silver. These are super-light compared to how they look, and they look like beach glass. $19

... "the genderflower garden" earrings: plastic (a.k.a. "resin," fancy-schmancy terminology), sterling silver. These are actually relatively light, although the beads look like beach glass. $19 SOLD

"Just Before" earrings: glass and sterling silver. $26

"little wicked one" earrings: plastic (a.k.a. "resin," fancy-schmancy terminology), sterling silver. $16

"The Pixie Boys in the 1950s" earrings: glass and sterling silver. $26

"Romantic Geology" earrings: thunderegg, glass, sterling silver. $42

"The Sheriff of Feytown" earrings: thunderegg, coated glass, sterling silver. $40

... "So Solemn, My Child?" earrings: plastic (a.k.a. "resin," fancy-schmancy terminology), sterling silver. $18 SOLD

"Space Symphony #1" earrings: Botswana agate, sterling silver. $35

... "Spellwork for Geologists" earrings: jasper, glass, sterling silver. $26 SOLD

"'Swedes conquered 'em,' said the selkie. 'You know how they get.'" earrings: glass, Baltic amber, moss agate, sterling silver. $50

"Test Pattern" earrings: glass, rock crystal, sterling silver. $29

"There Are Two Large Fish In This Picture. Can You Find Them?" earrings: glass, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver. $28

"Two Ways to Travel Space" earrings: Laguna lace agate, fossilized dinosaur bone, sterling silver. $50

"The Way the Dragons Tell It" earrings: snakeskin jasper, glass, sterling silver. $42

"When the Lost Is Found" earrings: ocean jasper, faceted resin-encased color-treated cultured pearls, glass, sterling silver. $50

"The Wood-Nymph's Explanation" earrings: Botswana agate, fancy jasper, sterling silver. $38

Named pendants:

... "After the War in Elfland" pendant: stone and sterling silver. $28 SOLD

"Bird with a Word in her Head, II" pendant: opal, cultured pearls, sterling silver. $80

"Dinosaur Magic" pendant: dinosaur bone, agate, sterling silver. $30

"Don't Lie To the Rhinemaiden" pendant: stone, dinosaur bone, sterling silver. $40

"Getting There" pendant: fluorite, color-treated cultured pearls, sterling silver. $56

"unnatural histories" pendant: turritella* agate, base metal book charm, cultured pearls, sterling silver. $75

... "What the Artist Left For You" pendant: dinosaur bone, lampwork and other glass, sterling silver. $65 SOLD

(There are also some cross pendants available by request. Email me and I can send you a link to photos.)

Named hair ornaments:

"The Keepsake" clip-comb: fossil dinosaur bone, glass, sterling silver. clip-comb. $50

"Seascape with Mermaid" clip-comb: fossil coral, Soochow jade*, sterling silver, clip-comb. $42

"Tiktaalik Roseae Descending a Staircase" hairstick: wood, sterling, fossil coral. $70

... rubber ducky hair clip: I did this on a whim, because I had a lampwork duck and some sterling silver and a hair clip. If I don't have to make a tag, I'll sell it for twenty bucks. Whee! SOLD

Named necklaces:

... "Blood Is Relative" necklace: glass and sterling silver. About forty-one inches long. $115 SOLD

... "Dinosaurs of the Sixties" necklace: dinosaur bone, glass, sterling silver. About 23 inches long. $105 SOLD

"The Waters of Twilight Are Endless" necklace-by-the-inch: Just what it says. I have an endlessly renewing long string of links (which endlessly renew because I add links scattered all the way through it, any time it gets short), and will sell you a random gorgeous piece of it for $4 an inch plus $5 for the clasp. It looked like this as of January 2013. And this is what it looked like in June 2012. Its current incarnation is something like this. It's always in that color range, though: blues and purples on sterling silver.

Named necklace-crowns:

"Every Story Is Complicated" necklace-crown: flotsam, Botswana agate, old angelskin coral bought in a sealed mystery box (I don't generally buy coral at all), color-treated cultured pearls, Swarovski crystal, base metal chain, plastic, sterling silver. $420

As usual, the only way to get something is to send email to me at lionesselise@gmail.com. Feel free to comment here without worrying that you'll accidentally put dibs on something, because emailing is the only way to do that. Thanks!

Shipping is currently $6.75 domestic priority mail, $20 Canadian priority mail, $25 rest of the world priority mail. Other arrangements by arrangement, which means that if you're an established international customer and want to experiment with first class mail, we can try that. If you've got a Beads of the Month package coming, I can put it in there for no additional shipping charge, which is ever so handy. (Here's the BotMo Year Ten Grand Roster if you can't remember if you ordered a package or not.)

Thank you for looking at the shinies!

P.S. Since things listed here eventually get removed after being sold, you may see comments about pieces that are no longer on this list. I hope it's not too bewildering. Sold pieces may be viewed at ArtLog: Things I Have Made.

P.P.S. If you want an extra testimonial, I asked Neil Gaiman for one once, and he said, "Elise Matthesen is my favourite jewellery maker." So there ya go. (Thanks, Neil!)

Oh, fantastic! I'd been hoping for ages that you would at some point have the energy and a short enough to-do list otherwise that a mega round-up post might seem like the thing to do. This is most excellent. :D

(PS: While you're at it, could you see about moving Minnesota closer to Ontario? It's very hard to volunteer to catalogue shines and manage lists from over here. Not cool, geography. Not cool.)

Edited at 2014-04-08 09:31 am (UTC)

Oh, it's fun to see these all together! I have a bit of a mental list running of pieces that I'd go for if my budget either magically expanded or there was a massive sale — "Audience with the Queen", for example, has so much dragon bone I'd like to curl possessively over how the poppy jasper activates the rest; "The Dragon Who Wanted To Be A Boy Scout" & "'Recapitulate this,' said the dragon" have that glorious snakeskin jasper (and I love love love how the secondary stones chosen there bring out the scaled wonder of them — 'snakeskin' indeed!), which likely explains a lot about why "Strolling In Faeryland" hits a similar purple glorious button for me. I know someone who would look magnificent with "Keep Me In Mind" on her ears, which makes the title make me laugh every time I see it. And oh, "Ladybug Theology" and "It Was Simpler!" — I don't usually like explicit callbacks to non-abstracted stuff in jewelery, but you nail how to have those as enhancement and commentary on the main stones instead of trying to overdo it going the other way around, and just — *flails* ladybug theology is a magnificent title, and your whole honeybadger series makes the second one exquisitely funny to me (you might want to consider linking to that project post in the summaries for the pieces from it included here — that extra context really does take it up to the next level).

Anyway, thanks for sharing; I find these inspiring despite the mismatch between my dragon appetites and my wallet sense!

Excellent point. Have added Honey Badger links. (That was SUCH a fun day!)

o my goodness. O.O

A couple of these I've never seen. Thank you so much.

Hadn't seen "Scratch & Dent Princess" before, I like it!

(Still making my way through earrings etc. as I seem to always look at the long necklaces first.)

Oh, how I lust after "The Owl Who Saw Yesterday"! Reminds me so much of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books (that I am currently rereading for comfort, given how much stress the last few months have been and the next few will be). Kuari is the owl (in my head, at least). I wish I could get it, but haven't the money to do so. *sigh* Oh, well.

And that was me; LJ keeps logging me out and not letting me log back in!

I am in love with several pendants! Oh, to have a winning lottery ticket!

I wish for you many nice leaves on your money tree! :-)

I note that "The Waters of Twilight are Endless" does not appear, although of course I don't know what its current status is.

It wants a new photograph, really.

But it's up there anyway, now. Will try to remember to get photo soon.

"The Sybil's Best Friend"

...oh my word.

I have sent an email, and I even think I did so correctly. Please let me know if you haven't seen it, or if you need other information from me.

There it is! I see it! I go answer. Yay!

I know better than to look at your work when I have absolutely no money, but oh, "Gods Under the Grass" is murmuring words and words to me.

Has Pink Ladies of the Singularity been sold?

It has, yes, at WisCon.

Morning on the River of Dreams grows on me each time I see it. The colors speak each to the other in ways calm and vibrant.

OK, this is really frustrating (no thanks to LJ). Do you know of a way to view all of your shinies other than from LiveJournal? Because from LJ what I have to do is:

* Click on next item
* Hit back button
* Get put somewhere in midstream, scroll up to top post
* Click on the "All Shinies are on sale!" link to open up the post
* Click on next item

If there's a way just to see all the items in thumbnail and click on the coolest ones, or scroll through them, that would be a LOT easier!

Apparently I wasn't logged in. When I did, the 'back' button took me back to where I actually was. So that's a workaround; still, not everyone has an LJ account.

Thinking hard about The Oath-Bound Engineer!

Am going to do a copy-paste from an answer to someone else who asked about this recently; please to forgive, but my head's a bit overloaded just now. Anyhow, here:

There is not a catalog or gallery page. I've experimented with them, but they haven't worked as well as this method in my particular case. I got feedback from many people, some of which surprised me, and decided to stick with what already did work.

(Here's the artistic blather about the choice: The feedback pointed out that coming to the pieces through pictures and coming to them through the titles are quite different experiences. It turned out that sticking to a text-based interface wound up reaffirming the word-based nature of something I'm doing with my art, which is serving a storyteller/poet/reader community, self-selected for the love of text. Also, doing it the text-based way gets me poems from Jo Walton and many other folks as a byproduct, and I'd be really sad to lose those.)

The only way to see all of them at once is in person at my table at WisCon or another convention, I'm afraid.

tl;dr: Alas, there is not. The artist regrets bugging some people with this interface, but it's probably going to stay this way.

Thanks for the explanation! I'd always wondered but worried it would be rude to ask.

Totally cool to ask. I should probably make a FAQ though, and link to it from all sale posts. :-)

Also, if you do it from within the post itself, instead of using the "expand" clicky, then the back button should take you back to the post itself. In other words, don't do it from elise.livejournal.com, but do it from inside this post, which is: elisem.livejournal.com/1869278.html

Depending upon your browser, and your mouse capabilities, you can probably open links in a new browser tab or new window. Try right-clicking on a link to see the options.

I'm on Firefox, using a scroll-trackball. Clicking the center scroll wheel on my trackball opens the current link in a new window. I can open dozens and dozens in seconds.

That doesn't address the wish to see them in thumbnail or all at once but it would let you avoid having to deal with the hassle of returning via 'Back' button. Instead, of you'd returning by changing tabs.

LJ's expansion is weird, but I find that if I click on the post title, it takes me directly to the post itself, and it's much easier from there. In Firefox, I can highlight all the links I want to see (which I confess is all of them) and just right-click the Open Links in New Tabs option on the context menu. In IE I have to right-click on the individual links and the Open in new tab option for each one I want to see, but it at least keeps focus on tab with the All Shinies post until I am done.

Both of these mean I never need to touch the back button, and while I can't scroll through them, I can use the [Ctrl][PgDn] command to go from one tab to the next, and see them all that way.

This also means that I have a window with a collection of tabs devoted entirely to Elise's jewelry at any given point in time, which I regularly go through (closing tabs that have sold, opening new links which are marked as as-yet unvisited), but I am okay with that. :)

I do not need a third necklace crown. I am not going to buy a third necklace crown. But if I were (which I'm not), the Woodwitch is amazing.

"Every Story is Complicated" hits me right in the gut.

I think the duck needs to go to RA, to wear the next time rmjwell takes the Ducky Kilt out for a spin...if I had the money to spare I'd gift it to her.

Still like "Scratch and Dent Princess" and am intrigued by "Chalice of Sorrow, Chalice of Stars" because of its lovely use of color.

Glad to see "Ladybug Theology" and "The Secret Life of an Ordinary Flower" founds homes because they are lovely and were tempting me.

Also tempted by "The Clear Song of the Heart" and "The Elegant Ghosts of Art Deco" and "Hibernation" all of which prove I'm fairly predictable in colors I like. Assuming "Deco" is more coral than pink.

My Mom may need "Sing Spring" as those would perfectly match some boots I gave her once. Plus they're her colors, more or less.

You may yet be getting an email from me regarding this sale . . .

What is the inner circumference for the necklace-crowns?

Currently I have a sixteen inch neck, and I use myself as a form for building, so most of them have an inner circumference of eighteen or nineteen inches. However, almost all of them can be smallened with a few deft strokes of the pliers and some well-placed bends, so I've had thirteen-inch-neck people get them and have it work just fine, and even smaller sometimes. (The trick is knowing what a central neck measurement means about where the necklace should sit on the curve where the neck meets shoulders.)

tl;dr They're sized for large to XL but most can be made M or S. Please feel free to email me and ask!

Are any of the earrings with the snakey charms still available? I don't see any in this roundup, but I figure it can't hurt to ask. *makes hopeful face*

There are no current snakey charm earrings, but there may be some in future. Keep watching? I'll try to remember to say something, too, before I put them up, but it gets a little hectic sometimes and I slide into the glittering whirl of ADD OOH SHINY. (Good thing I've got the hyperfocus component as well, or I'd not be half as productive, I guess.)

tl;dr: not right now, but there probably will, and I'll try to remember to say something when there are.

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