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ArtLog: new shinies (pendants, this time)
elf hill

Yep, I've been busy making pendants this time. Here are the new shinies, with instructions at the end on how to claim them if you see something you must carry off to your nest and coo over.

named pendants:

... "The Airship Has A Speaking Part" pendant: thunderegg, sterling silver. $65 SOLD

"The Domestic Habits of Dragons" pendant: thunderegg, 14/20 gold filled wire. $95

"How Our People Found the Great Skybird" pendant: thunderegg, sterling silver. $35

... "Look, and Look Again" pendant: fluorite with an internal fracture that makes small rainbows (and big fields of glitter), sterling silver. $28 SOLD

"The Moment" pendant: fluorite, zinc alloy charm, sterling silver. $26

"Mr. Morris, Your Magic Carpet Is Ready" pendant: fossil coral, sterling silver. $25

"The Other Way To Get In" pendant: fluorite, zinc alloy charm, sterling silver. $26

"Queer Leprechaun's Alliance, Local #1" pendant: fluorite, zinc alloy charm, sterling silver. $26

... "School Trip to Elfland" pendant: fluorite, base metal charms, sterling silver. $27 SOLD

"The Sea-Goblin's Locket" pendant: fossil coral, color-treated cultured pearls, sterling silver. Heavy. $58

"Take-Apart Magic, Put-Back-Together Magic" pendant: broken thunderegg bead, opalite glass, sterling silver. $30

"What the Oracle Didn't Tell You" pendant: druzy (Peruvian opal?), aquamarine, sterling silver. $100

As usual, the only way to get anything is to send email to lionesselise@gmail.com. (This means you can feel free to comment here without worrying that you're accidentally calling dibs on something, because emailing the above address is the only way to do that.) Thanks!

Shipping is currently $6.75 domestic priority mail, $20 Canadian priority mail, $25 rest of the world priority mail. Other arrangements by arrangement, which means that if you're an established international customer and want to experiment with first class mail, we can try that. If you've got a Beads of the Month package coming, I can put it in there for no additional shipping charge, which is ever so handy. (Here's the BotMo Year Ten Grand Roster if you can't remember if you ordered a package or not.)

Thank you for looking at the shinies.

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That dragons one looks like it's got a map in the bead. *swoons*

I made little gaspy noises at Mr. Morris! It doesn't want to live with me but it is gorgeous.

Whereas I'm pretty sure Skybird just, like, installed a direct line to my heart. *chinhand*

Edited at 2014-04-08 09:35 am (UTC)

Skybird is an amazing piece of rock. I bought the whole string for that one bead, and have saved it for years. What I didn't understand until recently is that it wanted to be absolutely plain in setting.

It didn't need anything else.

"The Sea-Goblin's Locket" reminds me of "The Mermaid Carries A Picture Of Home"! How marvelous!

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