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ArtLog: honey badgers and snakes and bees
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This is all because @UrsulaV and @mcahogarth (also known as Ursula Vernon and M.C.A. Hogarth) got up to all sorts of foolishness on Twitter. You can see it here where someone storyfied it. (I usually crack up beyond repair at the "Teach The Controversy!" point.) Somewhere in there, fashion and ornament entered in, and Kythrynne Aisling and I got all inspired by a bee-stringing honey badger. Then M.C.A. Hogarth drew me stringing bees and then she drew Kyth making jewelry, and, well, it went on from there. Then Kyth made stuff, and I made stuff. It was just a honey badger with jewelry kind of day all around. (I think we weirded Ursula out at one point. Then again, she was the one doing honey badger poetry. Which @mcahogarth responded to.) Anyway, I think it ended well. (Oh, yeah, it was Valentines Day too.)

So here's what I made:

"Um, there were badgers." earrings: snakeskin jasper, brass bees, sterling silver. $35

... "WARNING: HONEY BADGER CROSSING" earrings: weird snakeskin jasper, zinc alloy charms, sterling silver. $22 given as a gift

... "Relax! Wear the bodies of your enemies! It's very soothing!" necklace: snakeskin jasper, other jasper, rhyolite, copper bee beads & clasp, sterling silver. About twenty-nine inches long. Going to live with Ursula Vernon. Yay!

... "Wearing the bodies of your enemies is very soothing" pendant: bloodstone (no, really! isn't that a wild hunk of rock though?), copper bees, sterling silver. $50 SOLD

"Yup. Soothing." pendant: snakeskin jasper, brass bee, sterling silver. $20

... "My Necklace of Enemies" necklace: garnets, glass, metal bee beads, sterling silver. About forty-eight inches long. Going to live with M.C.A. Hogarth. Yay!

... "It used to be that there were badgers and cobras and everybody knew where they stood!" pendant: snakeskin jasper, Swarovski crystal, base metal charm, sterling silver. $58 SOLD

"It was simpler!" earrings: snakeskin jasper, brass bees, sterling silver. $28

... "The Golden Years of snakes and bees... when will they come again?" pendant: bloodstone, base metal snake and bees, sterling silver. $60 SOLD

... "Snakes and Bees" earrings: snakeskin jasper, brass bee charms, sterling silver. $28 SOLD

"Uh... snake did it?" earrings: snakeskin jasper, base metal charms, sterling silver. $22

"He's kinda cute, though." earrings: snakeskin jasper, base metal charms, sterling silver. $25

As usual, the only way to get anything is to send email to lionesselise@gmail.com. (This means you can feel free to comment here without worrying that you're accidentally calling dibs on something, because emailing the above address is the only way to do that.) Thanks!

Shipping is currently $6.75 domestic priority mail, $20 Canadian priority mail, $25 rest of the world priority mail. Other arrangements by arrangement, which means that if you're an established international customer and want to experiment with first class mail, we can try that.

Thank you for looking at the shinies. Art is a great goodness, especially in silly company.

Followup: EEEEEE! :iz ded of blizz:

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Your post reminded me of this poem

One of the poems from Tristia by Osip Mandelstam

Take for joy from the palms of my hands
fragments of honey and sunlight,
as the bees of Persephone commanded us.

Not to be untied the moored vessel,
not to be heard shadow walking on fur,
not to be mastered terror growing in thickened life.

We have only kisses now,
furred like the smallest bees
found dead after their flight from the hive.

Bees rustling in translucency of densest night,
their home the sleepy forest of Taigetos,
their food time, lungwort, mint.

Take then, take for joy my wild gift,
a plain dry necklace of dead bees,
bees that changed honey into sunlight.

Re: Your post reminded me of this poem

Oh, my.

Re: Your post reminded me of this poem

Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction the first time I read it.

Re: Your post reminded me of this poem

This is gorgeous and I have squirrelled it away; thank you for sharing it.

Re: Your post reminded me of this poem

The timing worked really well. I had just rediscovered that poem earlier that day so it was fresh in my mind when elisem mentioned bees.

I can not stop giggling over this. M is inciting me to make things called "nom nom blood hee" and "blood of my enemies" and if you aren't going to run with "violence makes me feel better" then I totally will. :)

Edited at 2014-02-17 12:34 am (UTC)

You totally should! (I was careful not to use titles M had already incited you to do. Hee!)

Shinies for all!

I found some snowflake obsidian in a bead box this morning that may need to get involved somehow.

Also, last night I was visiting friends and I made red velvet brownies and declared that they were HEARTS OF OUR ENEMIES brownies. We continued to crack up about this all night and into today. I can't remember the last time the internet conspired to be so entertaining.

So for the next several decades, is this going to be your go-to experience in support of extravagant material acquisition & storage? "Remember that time with the honey badgers? What would have happened if I'd run out of snakeskin jasper and bees? WHAT THEN???"

Have you done a honey badger badge?

I have not. Surely someone has, though, yes? (What would one be like?)

You're all completely ridiculous and adorable. *g*

This is all quite glorious. All of it.

I appear to be having feelings about Wearing the bodies of your enemies is very soothing. Not sure quite what they are, yet, but they're definitely feelings.


The drawing game me feelings, and then voila, suddenly I knew what to do with that hunk of atypical bloodstone that had golden and green wrapped around each other, and almost infinitesimal red-rust speckles.

One of the things I keep on and on talking about with my counsellor is flow, movement, not trapping myself in one place that is certain and unchanging and entirely under my control (because changelessness is death; because this does not admit of people; because it's a terribly, terribly lonely way to live; because there can be safety without certainty).

And it has that, all of it; it is, yes, soothing and right, in the sense of "right" that I use in opposition to my autistic "Wrong" - I don't know how else to explain it except bone-deep instant Knowing.

Obviously all your creations are of joy and wonder, but this - yes, this is speaking to me especially, so have some fervent praise for it :-)

(Actually, it isn't death, it's Unbeing without potential. Which is, I think, worse.)

Augh, tempted to go all Kemetic theological nerd on you now.


Egyptian religious belief has as one of its concerns the distinction between the Is and the Isn't. In short:

Once upon a time there was nothing but Isn't With Potential, and as happens when you have an infinite sea of Isn't With Potential an Is happened, and now we live there. We would like to keep living there, so we do the things that are required to maintain the Is. (It is worth noting: Is is not pure Is-ness, because if it was pure Is-ness it would be totally static; there's a constant seeping of Isn't into reality, because otherwise nothing could move. Which means that one must be careful with the borders between Is and Isn't and try to make sure that it's mostly regenerative Isn't that comes in, bringing its potential with it, rather than the annihilatory Isn't.)

The gods are all committed to upholding Is. This gets fussy sometimes, because gods are often bastards. But even the act of murder that sent Osiris to the Spirit World upholds Is, because now that there's a properly governed and regulated Spirit World, when people die they have someplace to go, so they can remain Is rather than get lost in Isn't. (And there is a whole bunch of ritual and magic to go to helping them make the transition properly because the Is-Alive to Is-Dead leap is messy and it's not guaranteed that people make it to continue as Is in another form.)

In the famous art of the sunboat travelling through the night, there is a bit in the depths of the night where the reborn sun (having touched the boundaries of Isn't and thus been renewed) is confronted with the serpent representing Annihilatory Isn't, Unbeing itself, the Nothing, and they throw down. And one of the gods most critical to this particular effort is Set, who governs powers of destruction, because destruction is still part of Is, but can be turned against annhiliation, by principles of "take things that kinda suck similarly and use one of them to beat up the other one". ;)

I, um, may have written that fight up as a Warcraft raid once.

This is really good to know - thank you so much for educating me! I am sorry I am not being more wordsly-grateful at you but I am just entering my fourteenth consecutive hour in this fucking basement today (hurrah experimental science) so er yes words how do words



:is VERY grateful for you doing this:

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