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Housecleaning as Archaology, part two
elf hill
See previous Housecleaning as Archaology post for explanation.

The entities that lived here left many objects hinting at a complex culture. As progress is made, one begins to form hypotheses regarding religious observances. Evidence suggests that the handling of propitiatory objects took up a fair amount of the entities' time and attention. Almost all of these propitiatory objects take the form of flat sheets of paper with ink on them, most of which has been deposited by mechanized means. There appears to have been two conflicting cults which both used such objects, or possibly two sets of observances using them. In one, the objects are piled into more-or-less stable stacks, perhaps built to catch the attention of some other being or beings. In the other, the objects are spread out to cover flat surfaces in the area being studied. Perhaps flat surfaces were places of great power, and needed to be covered out of reverence or to protect the entities?

Note to self: cataloging system for propitiatory objects will need bigger budget and more workforce. Communicate this to Oversight Committee.


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Earlier today hubby decreed that he did not have a filing system, he had a piling system. I too have a piling system but see his as more of a spreading over all available surfaces system. ;-p


I too have a piling system for important papers. If it's important enough to semi-permanently archive, it goes on the top of the pile. If I need it, I search through the pile, which is roughly organized by date as a result of the piling mechanism. The pile is a bit less than a foot tall now, after five or six years of this.

The accumulated time that it takes to search through the pile is notably less than the accumulated time to make folders and carefully file everything in the right one, and the bonus is that I never have to think about where to put things or have to deal with a backlog of things to file.

That lasts until somebody two-and-a-half feet tall finds the pile and pulls something out from the middle......

Not that you know anybody two-and-a-half feet tall, of course. ;)

"That would be March, 1883."

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