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Earlier today hubby decreed that he did not have a filing system, he had a piling system. I too have a piling system but see his as more of a spreading over all available surfaces system. ;-p


I too have a piling system for important papers. If it's important enough to semi-permanently archive, it goes on the top of the pile. If I need it, I search through the pile, which is roughly organized by date as a result of the piling mechanism. The pile is a bit less than a foot tall now, after five or six years of this.

The accumulated time that it takes to search through the pile is notably less than the accumulated time to make folders and carefully file everything in the right one, and the bonus is that I never have to think about where to put things or have to deal with a backlog of things to file.

That lasts until somebody two-and-a-half feet tall finds the pile and pulls something out from the middle......

Not that you know anybody two-and-a-half feet tall, of course. ;)

"That would be March, 1883."

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