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Housecleaning as Archaology, part one
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Recently I got the idea that it might make housecleaning more fun to treat it as if I am an alien archaologist investigating some entity or entities who left the stuff I'm cleaning up. I can muse upon the possibilities of their long-gone culture while I tidy stuff up. (Long-gone in this case often being last week, last month, or last year, with occasional strata that are considerably older than that. It's a rich field.)

The entities who dwelt here seem to have had a great fondness for cardboard boxes. There is no solid evidence for what they did with them, but they did have a considerable number.

If the boxes were alive and migratory, that might explain a few things.


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Our entities also had a fondness for cardboard boxes! Some sit about with their wrappings still inside, while others have been carefully flattened and squirrelled away in far corners, perhaps in case of later shortages.


Hypothesis: house was formerly inhabited by cats.

It's an interesting theory, but I wonder if my house would elicit something Lovecraftian, or perhaps just the simple message, repeated over and over,

When the roof partially fell in on my grandmother's attic, we went up there to clean the splinters and bits of roof off of everything and found...

Boxes, nested inside boxes, nested inside boxes, sometimes eight or nine deep, piled as high as the ceiling in several places. She'd been saving them to store things that she'd planned to move to the attic, but had never quite managed to get up there. (Some of them probably went in the trash first.)

And each and every box - even the ones inside others - was full of roof-splinters.

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