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a package in the mail today
elf hill
I just got a box from Sofawolf press. Besides my glorious Digger omnibus softcover, there's a lot of other loot in it, because this is Kickstarter fulfillment time.

There is now a foam axe on my wall that says "REMEMBER TUNNEL 17!" And if I do need a new computer soon -- which I'll know after I take this one in to be looked at -- it's probably going to be proudly wearing an Oracular Slug sticker.

Who else here has read Digger, the splendid thing by Ursula Vernon? (If you haven't, you have a treat ahead of you!)

I got my magic Digger Kickstarter box a few days ago. I am saving it until Xmas as my present to myself. ;-)

Digger is the best wombat comic I have ever seen.
(also the only, but that is not relevant)

There was a kickstarter????
And I missed it??!???!?

Lucky YOU

AND a foam AX!!

I havent read Digger at all so was delighted to have the Kickstarter omnibus opportunity to get it all in one go, and I got the email yesterday to say it was shipped and on its way :)

Wombat geologist, which as someone who is (1) a geologist and (2) very fond of wombats, I adore; and I also adore the story; and I -- ugh. I trip up every time over the way Ganesh is used & represented. And otherwise I love it, so COMPLICATED FEELINGS.

Hm! Thank you for saying that. I am going to ponder it.

somebody with COMPLICATED FEELINGS about certain other pieces of art

P.S. WOMBAT GEOLOGIST!! United in appreciation of WOMBAT GEOLOGIST!!

I haven't read it yet and backed the kickstarter to get the omnibus :D I'm VERY excited about it!

I'm saving the omnibus to devour in a few days.

I met Ursula Vernon once when Bear brought her up to my room at at WorldCon, but I was very involved in showing a couple of other people some shinies just then, and probably came off as a self-absorbed inhospitable twit. I admire her work greatly, and hope not to come across as a bozo the next time I meet her.

Me, I love Digger! I am terrible at reading serials, but I read Digger that way because Digger is awesome.

My box isn't here yet, but I'm told it's been shipped!

Oh yes definitely. And mine (FINALLY) shipped today, so it might even be here for xmas!

Oh, I love Digger! There's a Kickstarter? *runs off to see* OH WOW... how did I miss this?

Thanks for the heads-up!

I just read it: as in, started a couple of weeks ago with the first printed volume, and then read the other five close together, finished a couple of days ago.

ME!! I adore Digger (which I first read on the web, and then my amazing daughter bought me all the individual volumes).

It would be remiss of me not to mention that I have also bookmarked a couple of excellent Digger fanfics from last year's Yuletide:

Six Moments in the Life of a Shadow: http://archiveofourown.org/works/599729

A Long Evening of Delicate Work Right There: http://archiveofourown.org/works/601425

Also Ursula Vernon herself posted this amazing thing about editing today:


Oh, that is excellent. Thank you for the link!

In general, the whole English-speaking world should be reading her livejournal. Or at least anyone who has ever spared a thought for writing, art, process of art, gardening, ecology, cats, dogs, or role-playing games. I keep dragging my friends and family over to the computer and forcing them at gigglepoint to read various selections.

My omnibus is even now making the transition from FedEx to USPS.


I too backed the Kickstarter, and have foam axe, pins and stickers, and other swag. Plus a wombat name: Forger-of-Elegant-Ironworks of Clan Quartzclaw. Which, now that I think about it, really needs to be on a user icon.

I got my omnibus and swag last week, and promptly mainlined the whole story again.

At one point I was working on a radio-style adaptation script with the idea of sending it to Ursula as an idea for a podcast series, but then I realized that she probably wouldn't be interested in something that didn't have the art in it, so that sort of fizzled out. But it was fun imagining the voices I would assign to each character, and adding sound effects.

I bought the first two volumes at the Worldcon that was at Chicago, and ... haven't read them yet (I've been busy, really!).

I bought them on the recommendation of others here on LJ. So, I'm looking forward to them.

I didn't see the Kickstarter either. I did see the Darwin Carmichael Is Going To Hell Kickstarter through, which I hope makes up for it.

My goodies are on their way.... I can't wait, even though I've read the whole thing already. And seconding the recommendation for her livejournal/blog... it's also must-read.

I loved Digger, and am eagerly awaiting my Sofawolf box! :)

I am saving MY Oracular Slug for... something auspicious.

Maybe my car.

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