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post-surgical update, or, more progress, YAY!
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The foot is healing nicely, and I almost don't need the cane! I'll probably still carry it for a while, because it's so easy to think one is done needing it just because one is restless and impatient and wanting to rush the healing.

The silly thing about the cane and this surgery? It's on the other leg from the hip surgery. So my recent cane habits are all backwards. On the other hand, it's on the same leg that was catastrophically broken when I was five, so those habits are coming back. Given all this, it's like I have cane dyslexia part of the time, and I'm sure I look a little goofy when I first stand up and have to figure out which hand is supposed to be holding the darn quad-cane today.

One week to regular shoes. One week left of being very careful, not overdoing, and elevating the leg frequently. One week. I can do this.

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Yes. You can totally do this. Go You!

Wait is this going to wind up with you in regular shoes? Your 5yo accident has haunted me for years (since I first had a 5yo).

I need to go back and read the bits of your blog ive missed.

It will wind up with me back in the built-up shoes, which is what the part we fixed was interfering with. One of my toes got wild ideas, and decided to take the trend my toes have been playing with to an extreme, and I couldn't wear any shoes without serious pain. Since all my shoes have to be built-ups by an inch and an eighth on the left, to make up for the leg length discrepancy, that was pretty awful, because I can't just go out and buy a new pair and start wearing them. (I know you know a bunch of that, but I figured I'd put it in for any new people. Hi, new people!)

Anyhow, yes, fixed foot! Healing up foot! And soon a properly shod foot once more. Yay!

Yay! and now I am not confused about how foot surgery could alter leg length.

Huzzah for regular shoes!

(And now I want to write "One Week More" as a filk of Les Miserables "One Day More"...)

You'll be glad to know that forgetting what to do with your cane is a classic sign that you're almost done with the cane!

Glad your recovery is proceeding apace.

Good news! Happy body!

Hooray for regular shoes and the liberation of your tootsies. I'm glad this surgery appears to be doing exactly what it was supposed to do.

WOOT!!! Good body news.

Also, I have been raging in the last few days about the other thing about you that making the rounds. Let's just say that breathing and chewing gum have not been enough to dismiss my anger at what has happened. *hugs*

Thanks for the woot!!

As for the other, right now I'm being careful here about not letting comment threads start up that might turn into discussion of the thing, even when it's nice people offering support. If I wind up screening some comments, I trust people will understand that I'm just being careful, at the moment. (There are reasons I asked the other people I asked to host, and one of those reasons is that I am so not up for moderating comments on this. *wry grin* )

Thank you for supportive thoughts, though.

If folks want to email me, that's cool. (I may not have time to respond, but good words are appreciated even when regrettably unanswered.)

Got that, which is why I eluded only. *support*

I thank you for providing a handy spot to convey it to others. :-)

If you're ever in doubt about the right thing to do with a cane, you can fall back on the traditional activity of beating hooligans about the head with it.

Ah, but my cane is a cane of peace and light. So it probably needs a megaphone and one of those really loud air horns that gets people to move out of the way if something is bearing down on them. Though a cane that flings nets is an interesting thought too.

I still want a cane that unfolds into a swift, though. For yarn-handling purposes.

The bottom part of the quad cane already kind of suggests a niddy-noddy (what a great word).

Doesn't it? That is what sparked the thought, actually.

and if you have any inkling you need it, use the cane! Walking is good!


Yeah, and I am taking very serious the lectures on "the more care you take now, the better things will be later." And I want them to be good later. So.... yup!

I hope your various stuff is going well!

I've had to switch back and forth with my cane and it drives me bonkers. My reflexes take awhile to adjust each time. I also hope both sides don't act up at the same time!

Best wishes for a swift and complete recovery.

(And as a side note, thanks for the recent "how to report" bit I've seen written up elseweb.)

Thank you for the best wishes!

As for the other thing, please see this comment thread above. Thank you for understanding.

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