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Magpie Telegraph Alert, and when the sale ends
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The shiny sale ends this Thursday at around midnight Minneapolis time, which is Central Daylight US time, if I'm not mistaken, as I easily might be but let's let that go for now. Anyhow, that's a little over two days from right now as I type this, so it's time for the Magpie Telegraph to go into action. Here's how it works:

1. Post a link to the sale on some publically readable forum (not locked).

2. Come here and leave a comment with a link to your post (or a copy of your tweet).

3. Profit! Er, wait, no. Well, sort of. After the sale is over, I will choose three people at random and send them Some Cool Thing that I make. You don't get to choose what exactly I make, but you do get to choose whether it's a pendant or earrings, those being the current choices. Sound good? Is plan?

Whee! Onward. Oh, and I just marked things down again here and there. You know how I get. Don't be surprised if I do some more of it, especially in the last hour of the sale.

And THANK YOU for your support and encouragement!

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