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Ooh, shiny!!

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I've posted on my Dreamwidth and LJ journals: http://redbird.dreamwidth.org/1378329.html is the DW link.

Heeeheehee--I did that three days ago. I consider it a public service to my readers. Er, maybe an enabling service. Anyway, service!

I had put this in FB back when your sale first went up and of course I can't find it. I don't know how to find things on my timeline. I hate FB. :(

So I did it again, but can't figure out how to just have that post listed. :(

But I just posted it a few minutes ago. Here it is https://www.facebook.com/april.mccool.7

During your last sale one of my friends bought something for his girlfriend. She is very happy with it and wears it often.

I am still trying to figure out my budget for this month Because I have my eye on a few things.

You got picked! Pendant or earrings?

You got picked! Pendant or earrings?

Wow! Earrings, please! Thank you so very much, my dear Lioness!

Posted to my DW journal here. Should crosspost to LJ as well, but doesn't seem to have done so yet ...

You got picked! Pendant or earrings?



I have a pretty tiny following, but several of them own some of your stuff, so they know what's good!

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