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Ooh, shiny!!

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Once upon a time, I would have been the person for "Sea-Maiden, Sea-Monster." It's a gorgeous piece, for certain.

I looooooove Venus of the Tidepool. I can't imagine wearing it (pallor of the undead + white necklace = elegant zombie, and my style is more hippie gypsy vampire), but I wish I could!

Ah, but despite my inability to photograph it as it deserves, Venus of the Tidepool is not white. It's prehnite, so it's a curious soft green that floats between jade and mist and grey and magic.

Well then, I may well be sending a gimme when I get home!

Aaaaaahhhhhhh. Evil Elise.


Also, "Where You Find It" is just amazing.

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"Have You Seen My Dinosaurs" made me burst into tears. Seriously.

"Brother Moonlamp's New Garden" is a perfect antidote to this wintery March we are having.


"Breakfast with the Fisher King (Three Cups)" is making me mourn the fact that payday is not for a week and I know no one to borrow money from. I am a scholar of Arthurian books, music, movies, TV, etc., and that necklace is screaming my name!

Oh, thank gawd someone bought "The Exchange." I can stop twitching (and wondering how much money is in the till down at the convenience store *g*).

And here's a thing what amuses me: I wrote "What Used to Be Good Still Is" for one of your linked necklaces. Now here's "She's Different In the Mountains (Gratia Plena)", and it could be the illustration for the short story "What Used to Be Good Still Is." Ah, the spiral of creation. Heee.

(Also, I covet "She's Different..." more than a bit. But what if they recognize me at the Tom Thumb? No, I'll just have to earn it honestly.)

How does one register one's desire to buy a pair of earrings? because I'm in love with My darling dinosuars 1. Is paypal acceptable and how do I pay you.?

Send me an email at lionesselise@gmail.com naming the piece and telling me where I'll be shipping, and we'll take it from there, with invoiceyness and paypal goodness and all.

:waving at you:

email me?

Sorry, life took over suddenly. Will email you tonight after I baptize my new bead kiln.

The glass for those earrings is a gorgeous shade of green & has an interesting, dino-appropriate lizardy design. I'll be quite envious if you buy them.

Looking in to say that, for some reason, "Roses She Gave Me" says hello.

I know, weird.

Usually, it's "Nine Things About Oracles". Which, I have to tell you, is the most I am here elbow-jiggling piece of yours I own. Like a cat that doesn't want petting but does want noticing, I tell you.

I am so not surprised about "Nine Things." Hee!

Say hi back to "Roses."

I could do a poem for "They Always Underestimated Her" but it would be a very bitter poem.

Do you ave a guesstimate for when the sale will be ending?

Mmmm, I should end it Thursday night late, really. Gives me a chance to do invoices on Friday, and all. Let's call it Thursday midnight, with that usual final hour of markdown mayhem.

I really must publicly thank whoever is giving "Breakfast with the Fisher King (Three of Cups)" a loving home. I have adored it since it first appeared, even though I knew that I wasn't its person.

With the thermal color-change beads, how much color changing is there? How does it work? (curious and tempted)

Well, the photographs for the earrings "The Dinosaur Chronicles" (which are already sold) are pretty good illustrations. I just held them in my hand and took photos as they warmed up. As worn, such earrings would get warmer from lying against the skin and possibly cooler from swinging freely in cooler air. (Your nearby air may vary. Ours would cool them right down, at this point, says the Lioness, who is tired of winter now.)

... and to be specific, I put my other hand over the earrings, let them warm up a few seconds, then grabbed the camera and took a shot. Repeat and repeat until they're all the way to purple, which is warmest color for those beads.

Oh, and I tried to photograph most of the range of color for all the color-change beads, because each shape has a different thing going on.

So much glorious shinies! I finally had to close the sale page to stop looking at them because heaven knows shinies are not in the budget any time in the near future (not to mention I'm back to not wearing earrings so when would I wear them?); we should perhaps talk when money exists again about what a Boy might wear...

Looking at your gorgeous shinies has brigtened my evening. Thank you.

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