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Ooh, shiny!!

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There are so many strong, clever, shiny things here.

Oh, the Cthulu necklace! *falls about with longing*

It turned out well. That was a happy-making thing.


I'd love to see your crowns. I adored my last one.

There are two crowns in the works. I hope to have them done next week.

Those first few earrings... do the lampworked beads have a matte finish? It looks like they might in the photos, but I can't be certain. In any case, the lampworked beads in this pile of shinies are particularly stunning, and you've really done them justice!

I also love the name Wind Horse jasper, as well as the beads (hmm, I seem to have a thing for matte going on this morning).

Gorgeous work, as always!

The "All My Darling Dinosaurs" pairs and the one about fantasy geology all do have matte finish on the lampwork. Matte finish is very interesting on some beads, yep!

Ooooo.... beautifully shiny indeed, and that rosary is delightful!

Ooo, "Watchful" is/are just stunning.

Also the Coal Train necklace. It is the winter colors of my childhood, with train whistles.

The Cthulu one made me laugh while backing away slowly. Wow.


Thank you, dear heart. And I love that reaction to the Cthulhu necklace.

The lampwork beads in this batch are particularly entrancing! My favorite it whichever one I am viewing at that moment. :-)

Quick question - are the pieces in your previous shiny post that are not marked as sold still available?

The lampwork in "All My Darling Dinosaurs" really complements the bone beads, and the glass in "Navigating the Inner Worlds", the lampwork.

WHERE!!! have you been hiding those lampwork beads??? *droll/swoon*

In the big lampwork box with the slidey cover. ;-) Remind me to show you.

Ok, I NEED Dark Sky Dancer. Keeping my fingers crossed that payday comes before anyone else makes that discovery :)

It's all gorgeous of course :) Beautiful beautiful work :)

Dark Sky Dancer is nicely subtle. It looks midnight blue or navy blue... and then every now and then, the stars show.

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