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Life's a funny thing.

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It's certainly funnier than death.

True. Thought often I substitute ironic in place "funny" for clarity's sake.

Sometimes funny ha-ha. Sometimes funny peculiar.

Sometimes full of surprising congruencies, or else that brand of completely confounding and inscrutable that we call "funny" because we don't know what else to do with it. So it goes.

Tru dat, ma'am. Tru dat.

That is a really lovely photograph of you.

Thank you. It was taken by a brilliant photographer, Heather Corinna.

I wondered if that was another of hers! I'm familiar with her and her work at Scarleteen through my volunteer sex ed stuff and it was totally a "life's a funny thing" moment when I realized a few years ago that you two were close. :)

I'm delighted that you know her and her work too!

That photo came from a photoset that I asked Heather to do as a gift for someone with whom I was involved. That person had said that they liked the crows-feet around my eyes when I smiled, so Heather did a series called "Elise and Her Crows." We had a lot of fun.

Great photo - upon first scanning of my f.list, I thought it was Tilda Swinton. You're lovely, m'dear.

Aw! High praise. I blush and grin at you.

It is that fact which keeps me going.

Yes... also beautiful.

As Spider Robinson once said, God is an iron. :-)

True, though occasionally I need to work on my sense of humor.

So, life walks into a bar and says, "Do you have any nails?"

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