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Ooh, shiny!!

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Bwahahahahahahahahahahha - Disemvowellment is my new favorite word!

Oh goodness: "Gothic Winter Plumage". The larvikite. (Schiller effect: why are you so shiny and wonderful.)

These are fabulous, I guess especially "Space Travel, Kansas, 1886" and "Sugi in Early Snow". Wow.


"Sugi in Early Snow" really means a lot to me. I was most pleased to make that. I can't wait to see it find its person.

I have been wanting a necklace of pale, mostly-clear beads from you for some time now, but I don't know that this one is it. I think probably not, though it is gorgeous.

Dis...what? That's kind of hilarious :D

The necklaces are freaking amazing.

You do not know of disemvowelling? A brief history will make it clear why the cords "plied by TNH" are just as important as Elise's contribution.

Yeah. I note that an extra l has crept into my spelling of the term somewhere along the line, though.

Mine too. The Wikipedia page gives both spellings, and links to a note that what you and I have been doing is apparently the British approach...

Oh no! The consonants are winning!

I don't -- well, I didn't.

I see! That is quite ... so ... if you wear the charm, will she never do it? ;)

She activated both charms by breathing on them and uttering a gentle admonition. The one I heard for another one of these charms (which now belongs to Sean Sakamoto) is "Behave yourself."

So I figure they at least have to help, right?

The charms against disemvowellment make me giggle.

Also "Forensic Astronomy" amuses me as there are folks at work whose job titles are "galactic archaeologist".

Love "The Fabled Space Jellyfish of the Romanovs" and its whimsy!

Thank you! That was a lot of fun to do.

I love "The Theoretician"! The trapped stones are very awesome. :D Oh hey! That's not trapped stones! It's a spiral! Which is different, but also very cool! I had to squint a lot, because I'm checking this on my phone from bed. Sorry about that. ;)

I also love "Space Travel, Kansas, 1886" and "Sugi in Early Snow". Is that sugi as in Japanese cedar?

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Yep, that's the sugi. I had to go look up its name; I knew how it looked, though I have never seen one that I know of, and I knew what it was, but not what its name was.

My job is a curious job. ;-)

You'll be at GaFilk then? I'm horribly envious. I can't make it down this year, though I do most years.

I will! I hope to catch up with you there some year, then.

"The Theoretician" is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen of yours.

"Cuneiform Toast" (as a combination of name and item) made me giggle.

The Gladness of Oceans: OMG! Those shell beads!!!!!

The Theoretician is stunning. You've done it again! Love love love.

"Cuneiform Toast" earrings: glass, sterling silver. $18

Generated a poem.

Venus of the Tidepool

Every piece of jade I have tells me that I would love this. I just need time to be able to afford it. In the meantime, you should know that it's pretty much the most beautiful jade-like necklace I've ever seen. The colour of the prehnite is perfectly balanced for the silver.

Re: Venus of the Tidepool

Aw, thank you! I am fascinated by the translucensy and color of prehnite.

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