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Ooh, shiny!!

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oh, that kind of morning, then?
elf hill
At least the tea had cooled before I accidentally poured it down my cleavage.

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I resemble this remark.

Also my pretzel creations look like Salvador Dali has been at them.


Cheer up-- it's not the end of the world.

This morning I poured boiling water into the tea strainer without actually putting Ito Eric the cup :-(

I hate it when I do that (truly, argh!).

You have a drinking problem I see.
I have heard there is a 4 step program for that.

1. lift cup in a vertical fashion
2. bring to mouth
3. drink
4. return to horizontal surface maintaining cups vertically.

We are all members of this program other wise we are watering our cleavage often. (there are days when nothing helps however.)

Hang in there sister

A couple of weeks ago I was looking at my damp legs, torso, chair, and floor, and thinking "it's a good thing I put milk in the tea." Yes, the milk and sugar make the tidying more complicated, but the milk was also part of why it was cool enough not to be painful.

My variation on this theme: absent-mindedly shaking a bottle of hazelnut amazake from which i had already removed the cap. Keyboard hazard substituted for heat hazard. I mostly missed the keyboard. Both times. :P

I'm glad the tea had cooled. Thanks for the morning chuckle.

There's nothing like a cooled teavage to start the day!

I squirted water from my water bottle down mine.

I once had to call in sick to work after spilling a cup of very hot tea in my lap.

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