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Sometimes you have to tell your wishes for them to come true.
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I have a wish. I just told it to a friend in chat.

I would love some day to be artist guest of honor at a convention where the writer guest of honor is somebody who has done some artists' challenges, so I can ask them questions about how that worked for them. That would be so much fun -- and it would satisfy some deep curiosity and get some interesting conversations going and, and, and.

I am going to start saying that wish out loud, on the grounds that maybe somebody will think of it at the right moment and it will happen.

(So here I have.)

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I hope that wish comes true!

But ya know, you could ask questions now, even if you arn't a GOH. I bet people would be happy to answer.

There is that! Hmm. Hmmmmmm!

Maybe early next year, an interview or two....

When you put that wish in print, you might put a link to a list of authors who have done author's challenges, just to make it easy if there's someone out there who can fulfill that wish.

That is a very good idea, and I am going to do it. Probably not until I get shipping done, though. Which means tomorrow night at the earliest.


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