elf hill

Honour Your Inner Magpie

Ooh, shiny!!

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Well, I think I did my bit! (And so did you... still in awe!)

So you did! And yep, that was fun! Gotta love tektites.

Hopefully I just helped a wee bit. (trying not to hold my breath waiting to know if someone else has already claimed...)

Dinosaur bone beads sound so fun!!!

You did too! And dinosaurs have been ordered. YAY!

Now I'm DOUBLY excited. :-)

Dare I hope -- opalized bone?

Sent you an email re: "Going there in dreams"

Seems I'm on an agate kick lately. Bought a "rainflower pebble" from China recently.

Re: Dare I hope -- opalized bone?

Yep. Fossilized dino bone. Whee!

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