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Ooh, shiny!!

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Yay! New shinies, and it's lunchtime, so I get to look at all of them right now! :)

"What She Knows About Dragons" is the learning curve!


I love Chasing the Trace. Also can't believe that no one has bought When Ma'at Was Young.

"Chasing the Trace" is another narrative one. I'm wondering how it would suit Zero Dark Thirty's protagonist.

I can't believe "When Ma'at Was Young" remains unsold, either. If I could wear those colours, I would snatch that shiny beautiful thing up in a hot minute.

So many beautiful pieces! Yay, shinies!

Are the round beads in "And Every Light a Blessing" blue sparkly? My monitor is doing odd things with colors today. The green comes through quite clearly, but I can't tell with the top bead.

They are. It's a very dark blue, and the sparkles are not as sparkly as the green, so it was tricky to photograph.

My friend Marje linked to your site. Very nice, original items you have!

I noticed that you mentioned you were having trouble with your website/host. Do you need a hand with a new website to simplify your sales? I'd be happy to help set you up with an e-commerce based Wordpress site that you can easily run yourself!

Dave Gutterud

Hmm! We Should Talk.

I like "Ceremony", which has earwires of a type I seldom see in your jewelry, though my wallet is glad someone else got to it first.

I have a few more of those earwires to play with. And I have ALL DAY tomorrow at the workbench. Bliss!

By the way, I really really like that icon!

Ohhhh, "Still THAT Kind of Angel, Eh?" is lovely. And the Brother Moonlamp piece!

PS: I wore Vulture Goddess today and got many compliments. :D

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Oh, yay! How is she? She was a necklace that took a long time to find all the pieces for.

In excellent shape! You had warned originally that the necklace might bite because of the broken beads and sharp edges, but she never has. Not once!

I have many favourite beads in it -- the oval chunk of labradorite, the button, the bit of horn, the wooden skull bead, the caged opal, and so on. Of course I am also always a sucker for that aurora borealis coating on pretty much anything, and the metallics really sing. It's a happy-making necklace, and fearsome!

So not normally something I wear to work, with me in my sneakers at the elementary school and all that. Usually work is a Carnival Dragons or Intermediate Rose Magic sort of place, but today was a good day for something stronger.

Stronger is right. ;-) Vulture Goddess Knows No Pity. I do love her.

"Still THAT Kind of Angel, Eh?" is so making me think of Crowley and Aziraphale from Good Omens!

ooh, I love Walking into Forever!!

And Skyhorse makes me laugh with delight! :)

Isn't that meteorite bit interesting? It wants to run, I guess!

I very much like the combination of "Landscape With and Without Third Daughter" and its name!

The link to "Lavender Rose Fairy" is broken. (Removing the "index/" part makes it work, though.)

THank you! I will fix.

Those "Wood Wise" earrings look like little cartoon leafy forest people, which is awesome.

I am admiring "Audience with the Sybil": that Botswana agate is impressive.

Every time I wear "She Carries Them" (which is about once every month) I get so many comments and compliments, ranging from how goth it is (black!) to whether it's heavy to how very ME it is. :D I have a dozen of your pieces now (or so) but that's forever my favorite. I don't carry all of "them" as much as I used to, but I still do.

Oh my. "Breakfast With the Fisher King" is so... so... it looks so deceptively sparse and simple, but there is so much in there. It is PERFECT.

Thank you! I'm really, REALLY pleased with that one. It's been in the works for several years. Well, closer to seven years, let's just say. I finally realized which recent beads wanted to go in there, and finished it.

Oh that "claw" tektite made SUCH a cool hair stick!!

Oh, this isn't even that one -- I'm saving that one. Mwahaha!

It'll turn into something in a while....

I am still in awe of "In Leaf-Light Triumphant." *sigh*

And you've seen it in person so you know how much better in person it is, too.

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