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Scandosotans and the people who are pretty fond of them.
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There's been some discussion of speaking Scandosotan, and of Scandosotan cultural habits, lately. I figure it's time to get a link page going here.

If you just want a short snippet, you might check out the many possible meanings of "A person could get hurt doing that," and "A person could knock."

Scandosotan As She Is Spoke:

Etiquette Among the Scandosotans: Asking Questions (Also known as "Yen and Toe and the Schnitzelbank.)
Etiquette Among the Scandosotans: request line (General question free-for-all.)
Les Inscrutables (timprov translates Les Miserables into Scandosotan. Big fun. I almost laughed out loud and everything.)
Scandosotan As She Is Spoke, or, A Guy Might Be More Understandable, Ya Know (How to use the phrases "a guy" and "a person" in Scandosotan communication.)
Scandinavian Pressure Zone Alert (Uff da! can be a cognate of Oy vey! sometimes.)
Speaking Minnesotan/Scandosotan (Explains a lot about the distinctions between not bad, not good, not too good, and not too bad at all. Alao has some translation fun in the comments.)

Heck, all of timprov's Talking Minnesotan tagged stuff is pretty pertinent there. So is mrissa's "He Almost Told Her" tagged stuff. Enjoy!

Related Stuff:

A Rant on People Dissing Indirect Communication (A gazillion comments and a lot of pondering of various viewpoints and histories. Scandosotan figures in there, but so does Korean and Southern U.S. and a whole bunch of other things.)

Wherein I make a mistake, and we discover it and then talk about what the "Not Too ____" construction means in Scandosotan and elsewhere

What do I need to add?

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Hey, I was just putting those links in there. Hee!

I know that you understand my tag, but for those who do not speak the thing, it refers to a local joke:

Have you heard the one about the Scandosotan man who loved his wife so much, he almost told her?

My grandparents' generation of Scandos are still waiting for the punchline to this joke: yah, okay, loved her so much he almost told her, that's a lot, what happened next?

Wow. I just blew about three hours reading most of that! I'm a brash and obnoxious Californian who has stumbled into both Southern and Midwestern language/cultural differences via my time living in Kansas City and Chicago. My early exposure to Lake Wobegon was helpful but I know I've had my heart blessed many times. I do know to offer food/drink thrice, and to never return a dish empty, and I find understatement extremely charming (when I am not so dense as to miss it entirely).

Here, let's give it a go...

The Yen-and-Toe discussion was pretty good. A person could learn a lot from this. It's a darn fine post, is what it is.

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Aww, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Oh, dear. A person might, if a person were so inclined, be learning of this communication style. Particularly if a person is of a sort to pick up accents at the drop of a hat.

If I get to World Fantasy and meet you in person, I can give you a few phrases there, too.

A person might indeed take a liking to that.

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