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Roger Ebert's TED talk
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Here. Enjoy. (Note: subtitles available in 23 languages. YES! WIN!) (Also note: his wife is awesome.)

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She IS awesome. This is amazing. Thank you!

OMG! I started using PLATO in high school, via its connection through the University of Delaware and through my dad's workplace, where they used it for training chemistry technicians. It was utterly awesome, and it's so cool that he covered it when it first came out!

I loved that one so much.

He's amazingly inspiring in just about every aspect of his life that I can think of. One of those personalities that make you want to step up to the same level of excellence. Also: Yay for today's blogs.

And the English captions, at least, are absolutely accurate. Yay!

Wow, this was awesome. Thank you for passing it along!

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