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ArtLog: work in progress
elf hill
OK, I suppose ninety pairs of earrings* is a bit excessive.

No wonder I'm tired.

* And a long necklace and half a dozen pendants and so forth.

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Good ghods, woman, that is excessive. *grin*

I've been able to work a bit, the last three or four weeks; three necklaces, but they're not all that long. Oh, and re-stringing a couple of bracelets to take to the gallery for consignment. And half a dozen bookmarks of the charm-glued-to-the-stone sort, which make me happy.

Also, spent my earned income tax thingy, plus a bit more, and now have the Lindstrom cutters. ZOMGeleventy-one etc., those are marvelous things. Not just in the "need less pressure to cut" way, but they cut closer, and somehow the *way* they cut the wire means there's much less smoothing of the ends needed. As in, last necklace took half the time. Wheeeee!

That's remarkably un-snail-like. *hugs*

Your earrings? Never can have too many! (also, awesome :)

Erm...yeah. That sounds a tiny bit...ambitious.

I didn't set out to make that many. I figured there would be a couple dozen when I was done. But then I started going through all my beads, box by box, playing with this idea for superlight earrings... and then there were ninety pairs.

Plus half a dozen regular pairs. And the pendants. And the necklace. And the half-done necklace-crowns.

*is doing the happy dance of joy at the thought of superlight shorter earrings*

Just sayin'.

Hooray for productivity!

(/me notes sie is mainly living in shirts and ties these days when not at work but maybe earrings would be nice to be wearing at work)

*pats you on the head and says gently, "Perhaps you might consider going to bed now."*

Oooh! Oooh! A flock of earrings! A herd! A swarm! A splendor!

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