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Honour Your Inner Magpie

Ooh, shiny!!

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Oh my god, I love these so much. Just deciding on which one I want. Deciding is a fun thing. :D

So this song "Why Do You Linger?" Where can I find it?

The song itself is still unwritten, though I have the music for the chorus of it in my head. I will happily sing it to anybody who wants to play with it.

Want to play with it?

The one in my head wants brass. Dunno about the one in Sarah's head, from which the lines come. Probably they're related songs.

Welcome to our game of Art Ping-Pong. ;-)

I would like to hear the part that you can sing. I am curious.

zomg. wow. every superlative in the language. in all languages, even.

these are crazy magic...

oh the rest of them turned out fabulous!!! go you!!

Oo, I like the way the wires go wavelike and seaweedlike and spraylike on Those Cold Mirrors!

P.S. Did you get my LJ message about the crocheted cumulous cloud?

*waving hi and good wishes*

I did, and I went and looked. Pretty cool, and the scale of them is impressive.

And thanks!

Augh! I'm torn between "silver ribbons for my love", "the company of stone-eyed watchers", and the reality that I am currently a stay-at-home mom (albeit one with savings....)

And "...our story crumbles in my hands" might win if it weren't sold.

Have sent email. These are astonishing...

Oh, Elise. These are wonderful. Well, more than wonderful, but words are hard today.

I've figured out 1) which one I love because it inspires words for me, 2) which one I want beyond reason, and 3) which one I would wear the most. They are three different ones. Some days, you know?

I also love "The Company of Stone-Eyed Watchers" but I suspect I wouldn't wear it as much as I do the whole necklaces. So... hopes it finds a lovely home.

So beautiful. The twilight waters are singing to me with their footsteps . . .

How are you doing for electronics parts? Need any more odd types of plastic-coated wire?

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