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ArtLog: new work (Katabasis: Seraphic Trains series)
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It's done! This is the series based on "Katabasis: Seraphic Trains" by Sarah Monette, a.k.a. truepenny. The story itself was sparked by a necklace called "Why Do You Linger?", which has been involved in a number of different stories by Sarah. (There's more than 40K words associated with that necklace, right?) Anyhow, "Katabasis: Seraphic Trains" is an intricate and many-folded story with twenty-four little section headings that are themselves the lyrics to a song, given out of order. (That means the song is yet another of the stories folded up inside the story.) When I read it, it made me want to make more art, so when scotia_girl and I played around with resin casting, I concentrated on this particular series. (Well, and I did a bunch of spoons in glitter-resin bottles, but you'll see those later.) Once the bottles and their contents were cast, I started to work on the wire and other ornamentation. The twenty-fifth piece in the series is a necklace incorporating all the leftover beads for the other pieces, plus some new ones. I didn't pretty up the labels or anything; I just wanted you to see them NOW, you know what I mean? They're a bit out of the ordinary for me, but I really had to do them, because they wouldn't let me go. I hope you like them.

... snow falls in her open eyes - pendant of sterling silver, opalite glass, opals, zinc alloy, glass, resin, and glitter. SOLD, because somebody came over while I was making these and fell in love with it and needed it.

your hatred, like a sleeping beast - pendant of mixed metals including sterling silver and steel, glass, resin, glitter, and old machine parts embedded in the resin within the bottle. $125

... the sting of winter wasps - pendant of sterling silver, zinc alloy, opalite glass, brass, glass, resin, and glitter. I love the tiny book charm on this, which swings freely. $65 SOLD

... silver ribbons for my love - pendant of sterling silver, silver ribbon in resin with glitter, glass, zinc alloy, and a whole lot of magic. $100 SOLD

starless night - pendant of copper, glass, broken vintage jewelry bits cast in resin with glitter inside a glass bottle, and things that won't go into words. $65

the twilight water - pendant of sterling silver, brass, zinc alloy, glass, resin, glitter, and the echo of footsteps. $110

velvet death - pendant of brass, opalite glass, glitter, resin, and glass. Be careful what you wish for. $85

... our story crumbles in my hands - pendant of brass, glitter, resin, glass, and random predictions. $65 SOLD

your face, dark behind the glass - pendant of sterling silver, zinc alloy, opalite glass and glitter in resin, glass. Where is my Stag of Candles? $100

wings, torn from cloudy moths - pendant of brass, glitter and brassy wings in resin, glass. $70

... her blood - pendant of brass, with a memory book, a key, red glitter in resin, glass, lost knowledge and more. $90 SOLD

the moon's pyre - pendant of sterling silver, stamped base metal, glitter, resin, glass, and stubbornness. $95

those cold mirrors - pendant of brass, with brass stampings (you see the lighthouse; if you hold the bottle just right you can see the lightning bolt cast in the resin), glitter, resin, and glass. $100

bone needles - pendant of brass, copper, glitter, resin, glass, and angelic voices. (Do not speak of them.) $75

long-held breath - pendant of sterling silver, quartz crystal and glitter in resin, glass, zinc alloy, and base metal stampings. $80

my love waits for me in green - pendant of sterling silver, glitter and resin, glass, and various other metals. $95

singing home the rooks and ravens - pendant of copper, resin, glitter, brass, and glass. A pencil, a measuring stick... $70

dead leaves - pendant of brass, copper, zinc alloy, resin, glitter, glass. And exquisite manners. $95

lying under the gallows-tree - pendant of brass, glitter, resin, zinc alloy, glass, old watch parts, and rusty voices. $65

... the starling's path - pendant of copper, brass, glitter, resin, a tiny mysterious stone set in a bezel, glass, and chains. $95 SOLD

corrosive kisses - pendant of sterling silver, zinc alloy, white metal, glitter, resin, and glass. Don't say they didn't warn you. $95

... why do you linger? - pendant of brass, grey fiber-optic glass rose, glitter, resin, glass, metal wings and scissors, little brass book charm. $100 SOLD

... the company of stone-eyed watchers - pendant of copper and brass, rescued jewelry bits, glitter, resin, glass, and the secret of the sundials. $75 SOLD

roses she gave me, and columbines - pendant of brass, opalite glass rose, glitter, resin, glass, a tiny rescued brass heart charm, and what the oak trees said. $100

reaching for your reflection - pendant of sterling silver, zinc alloy, various metals, glitter, resin, and glass. $70

... "Why Do You Linger? II" - necklace of sterling silver, glass, zinc alloy, Swarovski crystal, opalite glass, rescued bits from vintage jewelry, and a song that won't get out of my head. $200 SOLD

As usual, the only way to get something is to send me email at lionesselise@gmail.com and tell me you want it. Feel free to comment here without worrying that you'll accidentally put dibs on something, because emailing is the only way to do that. Thanks!

Postage is still at the old rates ($6.50 domestic priority mail, $12 Canadian priority mail, $14 to the rest of the world priority mail) but it will be going up soon, since it's costing more than that for me to mail some things.

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Oh my god, I love these so much. Just deciding on which one I want. Deciding is a fun thing. :D

So this song "Why Do You Linger?" Where can I find it?

The song itself is still unwritten, though I have the music for the chorus of it in my head. I will happily sing it to anybody who wants to play with it.

Want to play with it?

The one in my head wants brass. Dunno about the one in Sarah's head, from which the lines come. Probably they're related songs.

Welcome to our game of Art Ping-Pong. ;-)

I would like to hear the part that you can sing. I am curious.

zomg. wow. every superlative in the language. in all languages, even.

these are crazy magic...

oh the rest of them turned out fabulous!!! go you!!

Oo, I like the way the wires go wavelike and seaweedlike and spraylike on Those Cold Mirrors!

P.S. Did you get my LJ message about the crocheted cumulous cloud?

*waving hi and good wishes*

I did, and I went and looked. Pretty cool, and the scale of them is impressive.

And thanks!

Augh! I'm torn between "silver ribbons for my love", "the company of stone-eyed watchers", and the reality that I am currently a stay-at-home mom (albeit one with savings....)

And "...our story crumbles in my hands" might win if it weren't sold.

Have sent email. These are astonishing...

Oh, Elise. These are wonderful. Well, more than wonderful, but words are hard today.

I've figured out 1) which one I love because it inspires words for me, 2) which one I want beyond reason, and 3) which one I would wear the most. They are three different ones. Some days, you know?

I also love "The Company of Stone-Eyed Watchers" but I suspect I wouldn't wear it as much as I do the whole necklaces. So... hopes it finds a lovely home.

So beautiful. The twilight waters are singing to me with their footsteps . . .

How are you doing for electronics parts? Need any more odd types of plastic-coated wire?

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