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ArtLog: the funding-for-satin-underpinnings Clearance Sale
elf hill

You can combine shipping on items in this clearance sale with goodies from The Big Buy, goodies from the recent list of new named earrings, and/or your goodies from the upcoming Beads of the Month selection. Whee!

Sale runs until I suddenly decide it's done. Which is right now. All prices are now back to their regular amounts. Thanks!

Necklace-crowns: FOUR LEFT

"And Woven All of Delight" necklace-crown: pearls and sterling silver. $325 $275 $265 $225 $200 $180

"Bringing the Dawn In Her Pockets" necklace-crown: Swarovski crystal and sterling silver. $360 $310 $285 $210 $165 $145

"Driftwood Castle" necklace-crown: opals and sterling silver. Lots of opals. Large. $400 $350 $310 $250 $190 $160

... "The Fifteen Keepers of the Sable Island Light" necklace-crown: ocean jasper and sterling silver. $155 $115 SOLD

... Meltwater Sprite II" necklace-crown: $375 $325 SOLD

"Mermaid's Honor" necklace-crown: aquamarine, Swarovski crystal cubes, sterling silver. $300 $250 $240 $225 $210 $190

Linked necklaces: SIX LEFT

"The Calico Years" necklace: stone and sterling silver, about 22 inches long. $85 $65 ON HOLD PENDING PONDERING

"Carnival of Sinners" necklace: glass and sterling silver. $345 $295 $275 $245 $200 $165

"Faeryland For Real" necklace: The colors here are considerably heightened by sunlight; usually they are more muted. But those golds do hide in there, and leap out under the right light. Pietersite, jasper, rhodonite, other stone and sterling silver. $310 $260 $245 $210 $185 $160

... "Here Comes the Sun, I" necklace: glass and sterling silver and a plastic vintage Mardi Gras bead. 35 inches long. $135 $100 $90 SOLD

"Here Comes the Sun, II" necklace: glass and sterling silver and two plastic vintage Mardi Gras beads. 37 1/2 inches long. $120 $95 $85 $75 $65 $60

"Island of the Little God" necklace: sterling silver, dyed mother-of-pearl, and mystery beads. Oh, I love these beads so! This is a lovely light necklace, too. $215 $165 $150 $120 $95 $85

... "Making Deals with Leprechauns" necklace: glass and sterling silver. $140 $115 $100 $90 $75 SOLD

... "Mama Dragon Would Like A Word With You" necklace: crackled stone beads, sterling silver. $250 $225 $215 $205 SOLD

"The Rose of the Vineyards" necklace: glass, ocean jasper, sterling silver, color-treated pearls and shells, etc. $625 $500 $425 $375 $300 $250, and I'm looking at you. Yes, you. Real hard.

"A Suitable Dragon for Young Ladies" necklace: lampwork beads by Moe Cooper, other glass, sterling silver. 53" long. $280 $230 $195 $140 $100 $90

... "The Sweet Taste of Fire" necklace: glass, one piece of machined resin from Natural Touch, and sterling silver. (Note, the tag in the photos does not include all the beads; I've fixed it now though.) $135 $85 $70 $50 $35, and yes, really. SOLD

... "You remember the beach -- the one with the dragons?" - sterling silver, aquamarine, prehnite, "dragonscale carnelian," dyed mother-of-pearl, rose quartz, blue lace agate, glass, rutilated quartz, jasper, and unknown stone. $325 $275 $255 $225 $185 SOLD

Linked necklaces by the inch:

"The Waters of Twilight Are Endless" - a sterling silver necklace ithat turned out to be 27' 11" long, which is too long for anybody to wear. So I'm selling it by the inch, and will make it up into bracelets, anklets, necklaces, whatever for you. $4/inch $3/inch plus clasp cost. (Simple clasp $3. Fancy clasps or multiple clasps available as well.) Inches must be consecutive, though you can ask for focal beads if you like. I found more blue cat beads, thanks to a nice person. So if you need a cat bead in yours, you can probably have one. SOLD: about 18 inches

Pendants, named: ALL GONE!

... "The Butterfly Pool" pendant: opal and sterling silver. This new camera is amazing; it let me chase the light through the spectrum on this piece of opal. Please note that the stone won't do this under every lighting condition, but those colors do live in it, and under the right circumstances, they will come out and dance for you. $78 $50 SOLD

... "Calling On the Black Prince" pendant: opal and sterling silver. $70 $45 SOLD

... "The Chrysanthemum Dragon" pendant: stone and sterling silver. $48 $24 SOLD

... "Clover Moon" pendant: jasper and sterling silver. $33 $21 SOLD

... "Dragon Moon" pendant: "dragonscale carnelian," color-treated pearl, sterling silver. $40 $30 SOLD

... "In the City of Longing" pendant: opal and sterling silver. $75 $45 $40 SOLD

... "Little Ruby Tuesday" pendant: stone and sterling silver. $20 $12... and yes, I do believe it actually is. SOLD

... "Mystic Chicken Isn't Gonna Say" pendant: stone and sterling silver. $48 $35 SOLD AFTER A PERSONAL INTERVIEW WITH THE CHICKEN

... "Oh, Minding the Universe. And You?" pendant: bone, ocean jasper, sterling silver. $38 $25 SOLD

... "She Kept Him In A Tiny Box Beneath Her Bed" pendant: stone, opalite glass, sterling silver. $50 $35 SOLD

... "Sundered" pendant: broken opal and sterling silver. $45 Completely unappreciated so far, so I decree it shall be $15. SOLD

... "The Tooth of Time" pendant: an edge of black opal with lots of flash on a core of white matrix, framed in sterling silver. $80 $50 SOLD

... "Vessel of Night" pendant: drusy quartz in black matrix, faceted resin-encased color-treated pearl, and sterling silver. $65 $45 $40 $35 SOLD

... "A View from the Ark" pendant: stone, borosilicate lampwork glass, sterling silver. (And which Ark? The one that sailed with the Dove, or the earlier one?) $52 $38 SOLD

... "Written in the Book of the Woods" pendant: sterling silver, fancy jasper, borosilicate lampwork glass. $46 $32 SOLD

Bracelets: ALL GONE!

... "Found Magic" bracelet: memory wire, rubber, glass, plastic, horn, etc. $24 $17 SOLD

... "Goodbye to the Island" bracelet: glass, plastic, rubber, memory wire. $18 $11 SOLD

... "Somebody's Not From Here, and I Don't Think It's Me" bracelet: memory wire, rubber, plastic, glass. $28 $21 SOLD

Earrings, named: NINE FOUR TWO PAIRS LEFT....

... "1409 West Seven Spirits Road" earrings: jasper, glass, sterling silver. $24 $16 $14 SOLD

"Bee-Keeper's Waltz" earrings: glass and gold filled wire. These are heavy, but they're really cool. $30 $22 $20 $16 $12 $9

... "by the usual messengers" earrings: bone owls, sterling silver chain and earwires. $19 $15 SOLD

"Darwin and the Coelacanth* Boys" earrings: ocean jasper, glass, gold filled wire. $38 $27 $24 $21 $18 $10

... "Dream Tokens" earrings: stone and sterling silver. $23 $12 SOLD

... "Elegant Sweets" earrings: Swarovski crystal, iridescent (and somewhat heavy) foiled lampwork glass, sterling silver. $28 $22 $19 $15 SOLD

... "The Explorer Pauses" earrings: ocean jasper, glass, gold filled wire. $34 $22 $18 $12 $10 SOLD

... "A Few Lines on the Marriage of Two Galaxies" earrings: ocean jasper and sterling silver. $60, because these beads are seriously cool. They're still seriously cool, but now they're $40. SOLD

... "From Her Mother's First Homeland" earrings: plastic, glass, gold filled wire. $40 $25 $17 $12 $10 SOLD

... "The Genie Tells the Tale" earrings: ocean jasper, glass, sterling silver. $28 $20 $16 $12 $11 SOLD

... "The Green Lady Is Constant and True" earrings: Swarovski crystal, glass, gold filled wire. $40 $22 $19 SOLD

... "Grove of the Maiden" earrings: glass, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver. $28 $21 $18 $14 SOLD

... "In the Garden of the Muses" earrings: borosilicate lampwork from Beau Hawn, glass, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver. $75 $50 $42 $30 SOLD

... "In the Peacock Park" earrings: glass and gold filled wire. $34 $21 $18 $14 SOLD

... "In the Valley of the Queens" earrings: gold filled wire, Swarovski crystal, enameled base metal feathers. $55 $35 $30 SOLD

... "Keeping Worlds In A Jar" earrings: ocean jasper and sterling silver. $23 $15 $12 SOLD

... "Key to the Fire Dragon's Heart" earrings: pietersite, glass, gold filled wire. $42 $26 SOLD

... "The Lotus in Autumn" earrings: pietersite, glass, gold filled wire. $48 $30 SOLD

... "Mary Said To The Mountain" earrings: ocean jasper, glass, gold filled wire. $42 $22 $18 SOLD

... "Molly's First Day in Space" earrings: ocean jasper and gold filled wire. $28 $18 SOLD

... "Mr. Bear's Big Day" earrings: pietersite and gold filled wire. $48 $28 $23 SOLD

... "The Old Stories Came From Somewhere, You Know" earrings: glass and sterling silver. $34 $18 SOLD

... "Portrait of a Dwarven Lady" earrings: sagenitic agate, Swarovski crystal, gold filled wire. $50 $30 SOLD

... "Principles of Cave Forestry, Volume Eight" earrings: pietersite, ocean jasper, gold filled wire. $50 $25 $22 $15 SOLD

... "A Proper Bed for Dragon Eggs" earrings: "dragonscale carnelian" (though this is more agate), glass, color-treated slab pearls, GF wire. $115 $50 $42 $35 $25 (no, really! and they aren't really as heavy as they look because the pearls are slab pearls and thus thin and light) SOLD

... "Realms Beyond Mystery" earrings: stone and sterling silver. $23 $15 $12 $9 $8 SOLD

... "The Roadside Shrine of Rio Noches" earrings: glass, sterling silver, and whispers in the dark. $25 $19 $15 SOLD

... "Royal Fish" earrings: bone fish, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver. $30 $24 SOLD

... "sangfleur" earrings" borosilicate lampwork from Beau Hawn, Swarovski crystal, glass, sterling silver. Mostly these are quiet and reddish-purple, but when the light hits them, oh, do they ever glow. $72 $50 SOLD

... "The Secret Plan of the Clowns" earrings: lampwork glass and gold filled wire. These are a bit heavy. $35 $20 $12 SOLD

... "Simple Reasons" earrings: glass and sterling silver. $24 $13 $11 SOLD

... "spiceflower" earrings: gold filled wire and glass, and a guest appearance by a fortuitous leaf. $40 $25 $21 $15 SOLD

... "sugarcandypotiongirl" earrings: lampwork by Stoney Marie, Swarovski crystal cubes, glass and sterling silver. Oh, man, those are cool beads. $64 $39 $33 $25 $20 SOLD

... "Terry's Cloud Garden" earrings: Swarovski crystal, glass, what may be dyed stone or may be natural stone or may be glass (I honestly cannot tell, but it's gorgeous, whatever it is), gold filled wire. $35 $25 $22 $15 SOLD

... "Those Wicked Little Love Spells" earrings: Swarovski crystal, glass, sterling silver. $34 $22 SOLD

... "Tiger In A Bottle" earrings: ocean jasper, glass, sterling silver. $26 $16 SOLD

... "Topographic Love Story" earrings: ocean jasper, gold filled wire. $36 $24 $20 $12 SOLD

... "The Wish Keeper" earrings: ocean jasper and gold filled wire. $25 $18 $15 $11 $9 SOLD

Hair ornaments:

... none at present. Am pondering some, though.


There are still copies of Glass Bead Games available; they are $25 plus shipping. This is the cool anthology of stories and poems and essays sparked by Lioness shiny things. Contains this year's Hugo award-winning short story "Tideline" by Elizabeth Bear, plus two other Bear stories, three Sarah Monette stories, some Jane Yolen poetry, an introduction by Lois McMaster Bujold, and more. Also contains photographs of many of the necklaces from which these pieces took some inspiration. Limited edition of 300 numbered copies, and when they're gone, they're gone... and they're about half gone.

As always, the only way to order things is to send email to gimme@lioness.net, so feel free to comment here without worrying that you might accidentally buy something.

Shipping starts at $6.50 in the US and Canada; it's more elsewhere, and it goes up if things get heavy, baby. Also, insurance or special shipping is available. Please ask, and Daniel will be glad to get you a quote.

Oh, almost forgot! The usual rules apply about the Magpie Telegraph Alert System: if you tell people about the shiny sale and put a link to this post in your LJ or journal (and it's not friends-locked), your name will be entered into a drawing for a gift certificate. Haven't decided how big a one this time, so... hm, I will roll the dice for it before drawing. How's that? It'll be more than twenty dollars, and less than a hundred dollars. Gift certificate, in this sale only, will be transferrable. Whee! Thank you for helping steer other magpie-minded folks to the pile of shinies.

* Reduced a lot due to my bad spelling. So there!

P.S. Why is it a funding-for-satin-underpinnings Clearance Sale? Because I have found my true self.... Hee!

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Three true things.

I'm glad you found your true self, I linked to this post, and I DO NOT NEED another necklace-crown.

Re: Three true things.


Thank you, dear!

Linked.  http://intenselaura.livejournal.com/318952.html

Also, I wore Madame Troll, Modiste as part of my Halloween costume as a genie.  The jasper represented a piece of the bottle from which I'd been freed.

Posted, and enjoy those underpinnings!

Have you considered www.etsy.com ?

Yeah, but it hasn't really called my name.

Then again, maybe I should.

Whenever I've looked there, beaded jewelry has been waaay underpriced on Etsy. I suppose you could always try setting a good example, on the theory that since your pricing is already established and your photos taken, one more outlet shouldn't be a huge amount of work.

I have slowly had to downprice my Etsy listings because of this precise situation, it would be lovely to have some other people there who are brave and self-sure enough to price their work according to its true value along with me, instead of trying to underbid each other...

For what it's worth, while there's some very nice work being sold via Etsy, there's also a ton of crap - so much so that I tend not to follow links to Etsy stores, because I sort of expect them to be more crap.

Just one datapoint, but still ...

posted for the magpie telegraph.

*sigh* must not think of such shinies before the holidays.


Posted despaches to LJ and IJ.

Have duly linked in my LJ, and am still looking at the sangfleur earrings. Something about them weirds me out, even as it attracts me strongly.

You have been saved from them, as a person just swooped down and grabbed them with delicate ululations of delight.

Someone saved me from "Written in the Book of the Woods". I really loved the curves of its wirework, but it's better that someone else chose it.

Message sent along on the telegraph - especially since I already know I'm tapped out for the rest of the month 'cause, you know, BIG AWESOME SUPER BUY SALE.

Telegraph post here: http://pureyaoi.livejournal.com/504995.html ! Hurray for well-fitted satin underpinnings!

Butterfly Pool...*sigh* D is changing jobs and the old one owes us large amounts of money having not paid him over-time owed in 2 whole months! Has put us frighteningly short.

Those opal pendants are truly spectacular!

(Deleted comment)
Fling me an email to elise@lioness.net, and we'll set up a time. I am home much of this week, so it should be pretty easy. Home this evening, and much of today, though there needs to be a bank errand.

(Deleted comment)
You want I should hold the chicken for ya?

(Deleted comment)
You are very welcome. I hope so, too.

I linked to this post as well..

of course, a little late.

Linked, and it looks like my flist is salivating in your direction. I have no regrets. I love my pendants so much that it only feels fair to share the love with everyone else.

Edited to add: I think three different people from my flist have bought jewelry from you today. I am pleased as punch!

Edited at 2008-11-10 09:47 pm (UTC)

Shout-out posted.

I keep hoping someone will buy "Mama Dragon," but every time I come back it's still there, crooking a finger at me in a stern way.

ooh, cool! I linked to this here:

I love your work! And my husband and I love the pieces we have already. :)

Elise Support Network, Oregon Branch, reporting for duty, ma'am.

Nothing is calling my name just now, but perhaps the orders I've already made for earrings & chain will help with the, erm, support. (-:

*grin* Thanks!

(Actually, the earring wires and chain are at a loss, slightly. It won't quite cover Daniel's time, let alone mine. But it wanted doing.)

Heh. And if you peek in the gimme mailbox, you'll see that I posted this before glancing back at the recent earrings list. So, um, yeah. (-:

That entry appears to be friends-locked.

Whoops. Yeah, f-locking is my default, due to comment spam, but I'll open this one up.

Of course, a high proportion of my friendslist are Elise shiny fans, so ...

Edited at 2008-11-11 01:01 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
I posted about the sale and made another list of the stuff I own. Still incomplete, need to find some renegade earrings and their names.

Extending the reach of the Magpie Telegraph.

Linked for love of the shiny! I'm trying to be virtuous myself, but some of these are very, very tempting indeed.

Emailed you about Mr. Bear, and posted in link in the LJ to extend the Magpie Telegraph.

Yay shinies!

In my fantasy world, you package up all the necklace crowns and mail them to me, because I've won the lottery or something, I guess, and I wear a different one every day, and give it away to the first person to fulsomely admire it.

The world needs more necklace-crowns.

Crazy(and waiting for the arrival of her pretties)Soph

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